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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Beat J Korner

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School of sardines ball around Curaçao
Flamingo Tongue Nudibranch feasting on polyps.
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp on its host looking for 'clients'
Kiss me....kiss me if you can!
Lionfish Portrait on Curaçao.
Sockeye Salmon returning to Adams River after four years at sea.
Here they are again - four years into their spawning cycle, back to Adams River, BC.
Monk Seals are solitary and always look for companionship or prey.
Humpbacvk Whales are back!
Marine version of Alf - Dragon Moray eel.
Brilliant in color and appearance!
Leaf Scorpion Fish with a venomous veil for protection.
Looking at two worlds with one shot - coral garden and beaches on Maui.
Venomous Hawaiian Blue Spotted Sea Urchin lures with its colourful pattern.
Lonesome frog fish 'walks' over Hawaiian reef.
Goat fish shoal dancing in the sun beams.
Monk Seal at Olowalu Beach on Maui greets me!
"I can fly" - Male Boxfish in pose.
Bicolor Anthias performs a 'pirouette'.
Almost missed that orange Frog Fish on an outcrop looking at me while I took a shot of a Black Coral.
That's where that goby spends his life on!
It rained divers!
Interaction between a Green Turtle and the rare Hawaiian Monk Seal are not common. This young female enjoyed the company of an older turtle.
Love at first sight? Rare Hawaiian Monk Seal 'hugs' a Green Sea Turtle.
How do I look?
Black bar soldier fish portrait in Maui, Hawaii.
Tiny white mouth moray eel checks out the photographer.
46 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2