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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Michelle Davis

55 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3
Silversides and Nassau Grouper
Shaun the Sheep
Warty Frogfish, Nikon D7000
Gaudy Clown Crab, Little Cayman
Red Neck Crab, Little Cayman
Neck Crab in defense mode
Hairy Hermit
Seahorse, Little Cayman, D7000, Ikelite Housing and Strobe
Reef Squid, Little Cayman, D7000, Ikelite Housing and Strobe
Lembeh Straits, Nikon D7000, Ikelite DS161 single strobe
Nikon D7000
Give us a kiss....
The stunningly beautiful Cherubfish
Striped Triplefin
Crocodile Fish Eyes
The tiny and extremely well camouflaged Lembeh Pygmy Sea Dragon
Sailfin Blenny
Slender File Fish
Diver, Manta, Bubbles!
In amongst the silversides
Ornate Elysia
Yellow Headed Jaw Fish incubating eggs in its mouth...Nikon D7000 1/250 F22 60mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Lovely shot but poor image quality, perhaps aggressive crop or high ISO.
Philonopsis Pusa, Little Cayman
This tiny cuttlefish had just caught a shrimp for a his dinner! Nikon D7000
Thorny Seahorse - Nikon D7000 1/320 f/13 ISO 100 Single Strobe Ikelite DS161
Coleman Shrimp - Nikon D7000 1/320 f/14 ISO 100 Single Strobe Ikelite DS161
Polyps out feeding
55 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3