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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Elaine Wallace

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I know that they are not technically diving, but instead they are snorkelers enjoying spectacular reef tops - especially as one of them is my 84 year old father.
Another young green turtle being released - good luck, be safe, bon voyage.
Free swimming flatworm, night dive in Bunaken
The joy of seeing a juvenile green turtle being released.
A look conveys a thousand words - according to my dive buddy, aka my husband, 40 minutes inside a small wreck, is just a bit too long.
Yellow margin moray, quite big, quite brave and definitely into selfies!
A pair of white/yellow leaf fish. Recently they have been fairly predictable in their location, but this time, they were unusually close in their proximity. Fingers X'd more leaf fish to follow.
Pleased to meet you ! A cleaner shrimp (pederson?) on a manufactured reef, also apparently my BFF! I presume it was fascinated with its own reflection in my housing port.
Symmetry in nature. A decorator crab during a night dive, equally, and stylishly, adorned on both sides of his/her shell - with co-ordinating headwear.
Celebrating our coral reefs - fragile, vital for our planet, and absolutely beautiful.
A hard stare from a sea pen crab
My favourite sponge crab - I call him "Tank". He's huge - about the size of a football. If he falls off the reef, he literally bounces on his sponge until he reaches terra firma.
Pseudoceros lindae (Linda's flatworm) penis fencing. A hermaphrodite species, both combatants struggle to inject the other with sperm, the victor will fertilise the eggs of the loser.
Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
Juvenile flatworms on the leg of a starfish.
Night dive in Bunaken, a free swimming flat worm that eventually looked at the camera
Not the best hypselodoris bullockii pose, but the commensal shrimp hitching a ride was a fun find.
This curious cuttle fish, showed no adverse reaction to my presence at all and actually approached me.
Please can someone tell me the name of this nudi, Totally black and white, with 2 extra pairs of "horns" Thank you
Curiosity! 2 eastern skunk anemone fish.
Spearing Mantis Shrimp in Bunaken National Park today.
Profile of porcelain crab filtering
The glare. Jawfish moving between burrows, suddenly surprised, and apparently not happy to see me!
Porcelain crab filtering.
Frog fish romance, hopefully the start of a new generation!
Crinoid near the top of the wall.
Peacock mantis shrimp, no eggs - pity! Unusually not running for cover but quite chilled in front of the camera.
112 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5