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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Chase Darnell

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"Little Big Logger"
By far the youngest Loggerhead I have encountered. Still by no means is this a small turtle. Its shell was still roughly 3ft. in length.
"Sand Castles"
A Spotted Eagle Ray digs in the sand in search of a meal.
"Two Way Street"
Southern Stingrays glide across the sandy bottom of the Sandbar.
"Black Beauty"
This very large Black Grouper has been hanging out around the northwest point area of the island.
"Flight Position"
A Hawksbill Turtle makes big fins off the reef and towards the surface.
"Turtle Time"
A Hawksbill Turtle swims along the edge of the wall on the West Side of Grand Cayman. Very rarely do you not encounter one of these extremely friendly turtles, especially when diving the west side.
Dig | Eat | Swim
A Spotted Eagle Ray finishes off his Garden Eel snack as he takes flight.
Sand | Search | Swim
A Spotted Eagle Ray cruising inches above the sandy bottom in search of its next meal. Thanks for letting me fly with you.
"Permit Pack"
A very rare sighting for me here in Cayman. This is by far the biggest school of Permit I have encountered. After this initial shot, they swirled around me 3 times at rapid speed and then disappeared into the blue.
"Dawn Dive"
A Hawksbill Turtle taking a dive in the early morning light.
A Spotted Eagle Ray over a sandy bottom.
"Turtle Wave"
By getting out in front of a turtle you give it the choice to either swim around you or simply just keep swimming. I find calm breathing and nice subtle movements encourage great encounters.
"High Low'
The always graceful movements of Southern Stingrays are awesome to watch, experience, and photograph.
"Loggerhead Youngster"
This is by far the smallest Loggerhead Turtle I have encountered while diving. That being said he still probably had a fin span of around 4 1/2 ft. meaning he wasn't actually that small.
"Colorful Corner"
This is an out cropping on the dive site, Orange Canyon. When we find ourselves here with a slight current there is a clear boost in the amount of fish taking the opportunity to feed in the near water moving past.
"School N Scatter"
I love finding schools of jacks in shallow water. Combining the texture on the surface, and using all the ambient light always bring together some pleasing images.
"Making the Rounds"
Just on the edge of the sandbar where it starts getting deeper their seems to be a Stingray super highway. Making their rounds until the come up into the shallows again.
"Treasured Conditions"
Looking up from 120 ft. at Ghost Mountain and it was as crystal clear as I ever seen the water here. The diver is at about 15ft enjoying some of the best conditions I have ever experienced during February.
"Fin to Fin Traffic"
Horse Eyed Jacks playing follow the leader around the reef.
It's nice to interact with other photographers underwater. Creating nice "behind the scenes" type photos. Behind every image their is a photographer.
A beautifully colored scene down the wall and the anemone right out in the open allowing me to get super close for composition.
"Sunny Ray"
The clarity and lighting out at the Sandbar is always killer.
"Sand Traveler"
Spotted Eagle Rays spend a lot of time cruising near the sandy bottom in search of food.
"Grass Lands"
It's no wonder that the Green Turtles are always hanging out at Spotts Beach.
"Water Flower"
Elk Horn Coral is very vulnerable to storm surge and swell, but lucky for us they always find a way to keep reaching for the sun.
A school of grunts takes shelter under a healthy Elk Horn Coral.
"Turtle Hug"
Sometimes the marine life wants to come see what your up to.
359 Entries Found: Page 1  of  14