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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Robin Bateman

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Purple Spikes - this little hairy squat lobster was playing hide-n-seek with a friend on the outside of a large sponge. It was difficult to get him to slow down and look at the camera - Oly Em1 43 macro
BluRing - we were fortunate to find this blue ring octo as we were diving Giant Clams in Puerto Galera. Such an amazing sight and as you can tell - he was a bit upset with all the cameras. Oly Em1 with 12-50 set on 43 macro.
Mandarins - One of the most challenging experiences for me - to be able to see the Mandarin Fish, focus and get the shot before they darted away. What a fascinating ritual! Olympus OMD-EM1
Silent Dancer - The shrimp looks like it is dancing across the soft coral - love the textures and how the shrimp seems to mimic them. Olympus EM1.
My Anemone Love this shot - the porcelain crab is on the outside of his host, and framed by the coral reef they are living in .... the shades of pink and coral are amazing. shot in Philippines with Oly EM1.
Tarpon in the Sun - we were diving Macabuca or Turtle Reef in Grand Cayman. I waited under the out-cropping to get a pic of the tarpon. Edited color to show how I envisioned he would look as the sun set over West Bay.
Sea Serpent - we had a very close encounter with this banded sea krait - it was not afraid of us as it searched for a meal. Such a great moment - and grateful to get a shot as he swam past. Cropped and brightened with photoshop.
BluStar I wanted to capture all the different aspects of the reef as we dove Apo Island. Such vibrant color and a variety of marine life!
Sea Art A free swimming crinoid is resting on a sea fan. We were not able to dive Bloody Bay Wall for the first part of trip to Little Cayman - but still had great dives - Love the textures and colors in this shot. Oly OMD-EM1.
LadyBug Taken in Little Cayman - this solitary hydroid appears to have a ladybug dancing above it. Oly 60mm with +5 dipoter, OMD EM-1.
Dive In - a brightly clad diver takes a giant stride in to join fellow photographers in Little Cayman.
We were in a photo class in the midst of a tropical depression and unable to dive the Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman - so we shot macro on the south side. Was lucky neough to find this solitary hydroid on the end of a coral!
Orange Crush These little soft coral crabs are so good at disguise! I was excited to find one posing on the top of the coral - as if he wanted to be sure to get the cover shot of my next calendar! Oly EM1 12-50mm at 43 Macro +5 diopter 2 strobes
Street Urchin - we saw a few urchins hanging around as we were diving "Giant Clams" in Puerto Galera - and excited to find a Zebra Crab hiding amongst one of the urchin's spines.
"Lefty" a one-clawed squat lobster hiding under a crinoid in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Oly EM1 with 12-50mm lens at 43 macro with +5 adapter.
Squidward - we were doing an early morning dive off Turtle Reef and encountered a squad of squid on our return. They were so interested in us and our cameras it was like they were asking us for a photoshoot! Oly EMDEM1 12-50m lens
True Colors I am always amazed at the brilliant colors we find in nature - and especially underwater. I had never seen a fire urchin before and spent several minutes following this little one across the sand -trying to capture all the vibrant color
Red at Night.... Brilliant colors light the evening stroll along ClearWater beach in Florida.
We've seen more and more curious moray eels as we dive Grand Cayman - likely seeking an easy meal of a lionfish from a diver. This guy swam around us checking us out and then settled into a small swim-thru to watch us as we finished our dive.
We had the opportunity to visit the Atlantic Coast - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in February. Beautiful beach, with so few visitors - well except the ever present Sea Gulls. I thought I would take a pic from their perspective - lovely.
This little guy was hiding next to a brick on the sandy bottom. I love the colors and darkened the background to make him pop out of the photo. I especially like that you can see his lure and "fishing line" along his forehead. Dumaguete,Philippines
BluEyed Beauty
This tiny frogfish was walking along the bottom - and was a perfect model. I adjusted the saturation to create a B&W image with just the blue popping to accent the eyes.
This v small frog fish stopped in front of the camera to do a bit of fishing - you can see some v v small skeleton fish dancing in front of him! Just one of the amazing sights in Dumaguete last spring.
Gimme Shelter - As we drifted out to the end of a coral finger near Sand Chute in Grand Cayman, we were surprised to find this lobster taking a nap in the sponge. Fortunately I was shooting with an 8mm fisheye lens and could capture the moment.
"Perfect Fit" Gaudy Clown Crabs seem to like Grand Cayman this fall - we saw at least one on every dive. This tiny guy had found a perfect home in a Purple Vase Sponge. Shot with Oly EM1 60mm Macro Lens dual strobes.
Entourage - this "small" whale shark was happy to stick around for a few photographs with his friends. Olympus with an 8mm fisheye - ambient light.
PINK! We found a soft coral that was home to a family of 5 "candy crabs" including this mom with eggs. It was difficult to get a clear shot - she kept folding the coral over to create a hiding place. Shot with Oly 60mm macro and a +5 diopter.
64 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3