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Week 32 winner

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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Jeff Lafrenz

19 Entries Found
Two lanes, no waiting... This new cleaning station approach promises reduced wait times for fish on the go...
What do you do when you have bitten off more than you can chew? I watched this fish unsuccessfully try to swallow another fish that was a bit too big to fit, leaving him to swim around with a tail at both ends...
Clownfish and Manta. Found a cleaning station and set up the shot and then waited for a manta to swim by. Patience pays off!
Best buddies. Green Moray and Cleaner Shrimp hanging out in their cave.
Juvenile Batfish struttering her stuff
Hide! The "gang" is on the prowl looking for a quick snack!!!
Hide and seek. Two inquisitive anemone fish peeking out to see if I was still watching.
I didn't do it, I've been framed... This cute little pygmy seahorse was doing their usual trick of turning his back and looking away. However, a lot of patience finally paid off with him framed in an opening in the fan.
Grace and beauty in motion. A large black Manta ray.
While diving in the Raja Ampat area of Indonesia we came upon this huge school of Yellowstripe Scad. I could have spent hours watching them constantly in motion flowing from one shape to another. Magical.
Nudibranch and tunicate!
Mandarinfish Mating Dance- captured the moment when sperm and egg are just released!
Jellyfish Lake in Palau is a fascinating ecosystem where only snorkeling is allowed and millions of jellyfish surround you. Isolating one with the sun behind took quite a bit of time, but the result was definitely worth it.
Spotted this little pygmy seahorse at 25 meters on a seafan well camouflaged and very challenging to photograph!
Jellyfish and its reflection at the Jellyfish lake in Palau!
I noticed this school of Creole Wrasse hanging around a coral head, so went over to investigate. They were all trying to get the attention of the little purple and yellow Royal Gramma. The wrasse kept jostling for position trying to get the Royal Gra
Mandarinfish - the Beauty Queen of the Sea!!! One of the most colorful fish in the sea with striking beauty.
A tiny spotted Porcelain Crab sheltered within the toxic tentacles of the sea anemone!
Tiny Caribbean Wire Coral Shrimp hanging out at about 15m.
Nikon D800, Nauticam housing, 105mm Macro, SMC and dual Inon Z240 Strobes.
19 Entries Found