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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From United States

7263 Entries Found: Page 13  of  269
Embryo of a Swell-shark inside Mermaid-Purse case
Monterey California
Sand-Shark in Kauai
Congrats. to the Florida Manatee for being upgraded from Endangered to Threatened status.
The Universal Invitation for Play
A day at the beach
Scorpionfish: picture was taken in Phil Foster State Park under the iconic Blue Heron Bridge.
Tiger Sharks frequent the reefs off the Bahamas and stay curious to our presence.
Tiger Beach - Bahamas
A Kokanee salmon coming to spawn in the Metolius River in Central Oregon
Red Flabellina
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Pillar used to support a water pipeline providing water to an old mining town in western Montana. Silver Lake, where this photo was taken, is almost never visited by divers, especially during the harsh Montanan winters when thick ice covers the lake
This large female tiger shark came close enough to my dome port that she deployed her nictitating membrane at Tiger Beach, Bahamas
Night Shrimp Complex shot at Blue Heron Bridge. Only an inch or so in size, they spin when in direct light making them hard to photograph. Taken with SeaLife DC2000, one strobe and a +10 diopter lens
The Christ Statue comes to mind with great ease on the eve of his birth! Merry Christmas to everyone!
my favorite image of a southern stingray i have ever captured
While at Tiger Beach, Bahamas, I happened to capture this lovely female tiger shark in the backdrop of a beautiful sun ball...
This large female tiger shark was approaching me and started to deploy the nictitating membrane since she was so close to my dome port. I was lucky enough to capture her with the sun ball behind her.
I captured this lovely female sand tiger shark effortlessly gliding in front of me amid the controlled chaos of a not-yet-formed bait ball.
I encountered this large school of spade fish while ascending from the wreck of the CaribSea in North Carolina and were quite tolerant of my presence.
I captured a female sand tiger shark in a not-so-closely formed bait ball as she effortlessly glided through the mass.
Recently captured image of the "critically endangered" Small Tooth Sawfish of Jupiter, FL. Canon 5DMKIV, 8-15@15, ISO 500, f/7.1, 1/200, Inon Z330x2, Nauticam Housing. 1 of 12 images captured in sequence. click here
Dollar, dollar!
Swimmin’ around the Christmas tree smile
Critically endangered so pretty rare opportunity and sighting of this marine creature.
This Small Tooth Sawfish was captured in my Canon 5DMKIV using a Canon 8-15 Zoom Lens at 15. ISO 500, 1/200, f7.1 Shot in 85 fsw with two Inon 330Z strobes a...
East Pacific Red Octopus
Underneath the Kelp
Sea goddess
7263 Entries Found: Page 13  of  269

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