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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Egypt

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Aren't you afraid of sharks?
Trigger fish with a coral background. Two photos were used to create this pic.
Turtle with two remoras in the seagrass. Bannerfish Bay, Dahab
CanonS120, Canon housing, Inon UWL_H100,
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Wonderful job capturing the beauty and movement of these sharks
The Royal Angelfish (Pygoplites diacanthus)
"Hanging up" - Day Octopus (Octopus cyanea)
"A carful look"
Something totally out of my comfort zone! Diving in the Red Sea with actual visibility was a learning curve, but a good one!
2nd test by Tal Mor
by: Tal Mor
2nd test
Testing image uploader by Tal Mor
by: Tal Mor
Testing image uploader
He was constantly waiting for me!
Head On Oceanic
Oceanic White Tip at Little Brother
Diver In Caves
Healty reef at Ras Mohammed
Curious White-Tip
The Chill Zone
Cuttlefish have Jet Propulsion
Stern of the Kingston
Giannis D in the Red Sea is usually photographed from the stern in the afternoon, but as we dived in the moring, I took this picture form the broken centre looking back at the stern
Residents of Thistlegorm / North Red Sea
Young batfishes at cleaning station
Rosalie Muller wreck
Blast off. Dolphin always look cute and cuddly in pictures. Swimming with them they convey pure power, and the intelligence to know they needn't fear anything in the Ocean. I wonder why they are friendly to humans.-we've never done anything for them
Makrels eating plancton with synchronised open mouth
10003 Entries Found: Page 30  of  371

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