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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (European coastal)

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King of the castle
Pilot whales,Pico, Azores.
"Prayer" is shot on the island of Tenerife, at 32.70m depth. The bride is standing in a prayer position in front of the statue of the Virgen del Carmen. This is one of the most - risky underwater compositions that I've done.
Kelp forest at Wild Derrynane, Skellig Coast, Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland. Wha a wonderful way it is to follow hidden underwater pathways beneath the canopy of Kelp fronds.
Mauve stinger
Flying around the SuperMoon
Kong spined Scorpion Fish fluorescing in November Atlantic waters off Southwest Ireland.
Ocean Secret Mysteries
The eyes
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Very unique image, it looks like out of a fairytale. Wonderful composition and great job on the post-processing.
Blue shark
Stingray attack
I woke up early in the tent on this island and collected all crabskelleton that I could find near the tent.
Blue shark / Close encounter (8mm lens)
Blue shark / close encounter (8mm lens)
Wreck Lanzarote
Museo Atlantico Lanzarote
A calm and little misty morning in the archipelago at Swedens westcoast.
Lanzarote, spermwhale washed ashore is now touristic
Hello there!
Museo Atlantico Lanzarote
Lanzarote wreck
1250 Entries Found: Page 6  of  47

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