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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

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"Shooting for the Sky"
This Eagle Ray was begging to have his photo taken. Some days it all just goes your way and those are the days that take your experience to the next level.
little sea horse in 15ft water at maccabuca
Gimme Shelter - As we drifted out to the end of a coral finger near Sand Chute in Grand Cayman, we were surprised to find this lobster taking a nap in the sponge. Fortunately I was shooting with an 8mm fisheye lens and could capture the moment.
"Just right!"
A cryptic teardrop crab peers out from the end of a tube sponge that's a perfect fit.
This is a bowling pin that was shown to me i was with him for 20mins or so he moved an inch in that time he love the spot light
Night Octopus! I came across this octopus on a night dive. It slid up against a wall of coral and spread itself wide. It changed colors and textures repeatedly while I took this photograph.
"Tarpon Cave"
The Tarpon Cave at Macabuca is always filled with these massive fish.
"Sunny Sergeant"
Small Sergeant Majors in the shallows.
A Slender File Fish on a dark background.
"Neon Blenny"
A glowing Roughhead Blenny shows the camera his teeth.
A Gaudy Clown Crab stays out in the open for a close up.
"Spread Your Wings"
This Eagle Ray let me get so close to him. We were swimming out off the wall in the blue water, which allowed me to achieve a blackout background.
"Hairy Face"
Close up portrait of a Scorpion Fish.
"Freeze Face"
A Secretary Blenny comes out to inspect the camera.
"Sky Flying"
I love interacting with Turtles mid water. Being able to include the texture of the surface and even the clouds on a clear day.
"Spread Em"
A Hawksbill prepares for a major bite of his breakfast.
"Sand Dragon"
A Pyke Blenny showing his face.
"Black Hat"
A Juvenile High Hat on a black background.
"Saying Hello"
A Yellow Face Pyke Blenny showing its face.
"Perfect Fit" Gaudy Clown Crabs seem to like Grand Cayman this fall - we saw at least one on every dive. This tiny guy had found a perfect home in a Purple Vase Sponge. Shot with Oly EM1 60mm Macro Lens dual strobes.
Blenny Portrait.
"Beach Day"
A Sand Diver buried in the sand.
Camera #selfie
'Mermaid Mess'
A Gaudy Clown Grab blends in with his surroundings.
"Close Up"
A French Angel Fish portrait.
Diver looks in awe of the spectacular USS Kittiwake.
— Subal underwater housing, Canon 5Dmk2, Canon 8-15mm fish @ 15mm, f11, 1/80s, ISO400, natural light
3146 Entries Found: Page 21  of  117

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