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by Jeffrey Lim

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Magali Marquez (2nd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Pacific

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Flying Fish
Submarine with Sun, Mag Bay Mexico
Snorkeling in the shallow passes between motus in Tikehau. Capture the parrot fish school swimming over the coral. Camera is Nikon ActionTouch, Portra 400 Film
Moray eel between sleeping young white-tip sharks
Full of sea Lions, Magdalena México
Jaw Fish in home, Acapulco México
Sea Lion playing around, Magdalena México
Nudibranch in black, Puerto Vallarta México
Leopard of the Ocean
Pregnant lady in the lagoon
Relax pod vodou.
Marlin vs. Sea Lion
Pregnancy in the lagoon
The Hunt Continues
Colony of Joung Sea Lions, Bahia Magdalena México
Marlins Hunting
A scorpion fish, expertly camouflaged against the rocks. Taken with only a red filter on a GoPro HERO4
Octopus captured off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, seconds before he disappeared into hiding under the rocks. Taken with no light, only a red filter on a GoPro HERO4.
I joined in the Socorro diving cruise. One day, a lot of birds attacked the water surface, shark fin was making a splash. It was a shark bait ball. At that time, we were on the ship, we went to the bait ball by small boat and dive inside.
Runner Up Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
This photo was taken while diving off the Pacific Cost of Costa Rica. Taken with no light, only a red filter on a GoPro HERO4.
Under a wave in Moorea
Mikura is surrounded by mountains. The dolphin living bay is a sharp cliff. The green of the mountain is reflected on the surface of the photo. They are dolphins of Mikurajima in Japan. They may not be exactly family. The smallest dolphin is a baby b
Great White Shark makes an appearance with baitfish at Guadalupe Island.
Diving off the coast of city Mancora offers a unique opportunity to dive around the oil platform. Built-in 80 tees and abandoned in 2005. Is stunning that just in the decade became a new home for amazing sea life and shelter for plenty of fishes.
Meeting in the white sand
9568 Entries Found: Page 21  of  355

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