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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

1084 Entries Found: Page 7  of  41
A Bluegill sunfish models for a portrait in a local Quarry close to Lake Erie.
Decorated Warbonnet poised to strike.
Northern Spearnose Poacher! 100mm Macro +5 Diopter I love the beard on these guys!
A Sculpin in the fresh and salt water interchange makes for a dizzying view behind.
Divers explore the upper sections of the Niagara II near Tobermory. Canon 6D, 15mm lens, manual exposure in natural light. Colour corrected in PS from the RAW file.
A tiny broke back shrimp on a piece of bark. 100mm macro and +10 diopter.
Scalyhead sculpin, Bokeh, Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada.
Rebreather diver at the boilers of the wreck of the Rothesay, near Prescott. Canon 6D, 15mm lens, manual exposure in natural light. Colour corrected in PS from RAW file.
Canon100mm macro with +5 diopter.
Crayfish sp. Niagara River. While doing a first dive of the year in the lower Niagara I encountered several of these creatures.
A face full of whiskers on the surface just off Norris Rocks Vancouver Island Canada!
Several crayfish were spotted this afternoon on a dive in the lower Niagara River. The Olympus TG4 in housing allowed for some great macro shots.
Sometimes something to distract the sea lions was enough to get a picture. My wife was just rattling her muck stick along the rock wall and made me think of a conductor with her choir!
Open Up and Say Ahhhh!
Playing peek-a-boo with a Mosshead Warbonet (Chirolophis nugator) inside a discarded bottle
The appendages which house the feeding tentacles for the siphonphore, Rosacea cymbiformis, are called Cormidiums. With the feeding tentacles retracted here, the Cormidiums resemble tiny underwater lanterns.
A face full of whiskers!
UFO or Moth crab.....?this little guy was scuttling around the rocks when I managed to catch him, a very interesting little crab.
Top Snail Isolation. Inward lighting and a perched atop re-growing Bull Kelp.
A Sea Lion defends itself against an intruder into its personal space!
The clear cold waters just off Vancouver Island hold many a wonder and playground for all divers. This dive the Sun shone above while the Sea Lions frolicked below with us!
Clear winter waters and the sun above a mooring rope full of delicate anenomes.
A Smoothhead Sculpin (Artedius lateralis) rests amongst some kelp in Victoria, BC
Police diver on an overhead environment exercise. Canon 6D and 15mm lens on manual settings. Cropped and colour corrected from the RAW file.
The subject fights back
Two male Coho Salmon make their way upstream for one of the last spawns of the season
Nordic Shrimp close up.
1084 Entries Found: Page 7  of  41

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