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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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Round Goby
Welland Scuba Park
All a Glow! An up-close of a Longfin Gunnel with a canon 100mm macro and +10 diopter.
Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
Fried Egg Jellyfish hanging in the black depths of the Pacific Northwest.
Lone Round Goby, Lake Erie. These fish, an invasive species, now dominate the bottom of many areas of the Great Lakes.
A mouthful of Red Urchin. A young Wolf Eel eating one of its favorite foods.
Two Gobies photographed with Olympus TG4,zoomed in. Lake Erie
A tech diver on the starboard side of the "Forest City" that was wrecked in 1904 near Tobermory. Canon 6D, 15mm lens, high ISO, cropped for subject and converted to B&W in PS.
A couple share a quiet evening on stand-up paddle boards at Sauble Beach. Canon 6D, 24-105 lens, manual settings, no cropping or colour correction.
A Northern Ronquiel all alight in its breeding splendor!
Sometimes the change from young to old in a fish is drastic. The Wolf Eel starts out translucent and a long ribbon. Then settles down on the bottom to hunt this picture is of a Juvenile and it has bold colors and markings.
Climbing the beanstalk
View of bow of the Barque 'Arabia', Tobermory, Ontario
Bow of the Barque'Arabia' sunk in 1884 near Tobermory, Ontario
ShipsWheel on the Niagara II, Near Tobermory, Ontario.
A cold water assassin in loose sand the sculpin awaits its next meal. Canon T2i with 1oo mm macro and sea and sea ds1's from below to elongate the shadows!
Triopha catalinae a macro of this beautiful cold water nudibranch.
Intensity of concentration. Barely room to breathe up against a long sought after jewel the Pacific Stubby Squid 100mm macro with a +5 diopter.
A glowing close up of a Longfin Gunnel. 100mm macro on Canon T2I in an Aquatica housing with twin Sea and Sea D1's.
'Sunning Sea Lions' - These Steller sea lions near Vancouver Island were so content with staying in the warm sunshine that not many wanted to get into the cold water with us. Can't say that I blame them!
'Well, Hi!' - A Steller sea lion stops by for a quick hello off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
A diver wearing side mount comes face-to-face with the plane in Morrison's Quarry. Photo taken under the ice with a Canon 6D and 15mm lens. Manual exposure. Cropped and colour corrected from the RAW file.
Sea Lion Smooch - A Steller sea lion in the waters off of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Peering Into Another World - A Steller sea lion swims by off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Wolf eel at Fantasea Island, near Port Hardy, Canada. Nikon D810, single strobe, Nikkor 60mm macro lens.
A whiskery close up. A Stellar Sea Lion closes in for a whiskery kiss. Taken with a Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye on a Canon T2i in an aquatic ousing with twin sea and sea Ds1's
Night dive using fluorescent filters. The colours are fluorescence. Hermit crab, Hurst Isle, God's Pocket Resort (near Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada)
Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
'Nosy'- I've never been around an animal underwater who's as interactive as the Steller sea lions in British Columbia. They truly are the puppies of the sea!
1068 Entries Found: Page 8  of  40

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