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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea (3)

Underwater photo contest

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We were finishing our dive; as we turned to swim to our exit, we noticed several large lionfish emerging from the coral looking for dinner. I was able to wait long enough for the lionfish to smile at me and wave my buddy into place before surfacing.
By Ken Schneider
posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011
154 votes

Nikon d700,17mm,ISO 200, f14, 1/160sec. We were at 30ft, when I first noticed movement below me. Slowly, I turned around, inching along the sand hoping for a clear shot. This ray set off a storm, leaving me cleaning the sand out of my gear.
By Ken Schneider
posted Thursday, December 8, 2011
116 votes

I loved all these colorful corols and a single big eyed!
By Talih Tinay
posted Tuesday, March 7, 2006
95 votes

Sea Turtle, just about crashing into Camera housing dome.
By Holly Heffner
posted Sunday, September 3, 2006
93 votes

We swam with this big guy for almost an hour. He brushed up against me several times. It is believed he was hit by the ferry boat. You can see the scars on his back and a tear in the dorsal fin...Photo was taken with no strobe, Olympus 4040
By Holly Heffner
posted Tuesday, July 25, 2006
91 votes

White spotted File fish in the Orange phase
By Steven Daniel
posted Monday, December 18, 2006
90 votes

Queen Angel of the Deep
By Steven Daniel
posted Wednesday, January 7, 2009
90 votes

This picture was taken in Bonaire on a site called Andrea II.  It was taken with a Canon G9.  Settings were 1/60 @ F8
By Don Robillard
posted Saturday, April 4, 2009
90 votes

Green Turtle in Akumal,Mexico
By Steven Daniel
posted Saturday, December 30, 2006
87 votes

Diver Drifting on the a Cozumel drift dive
By Steven Daniel
posted Monday, January 12, 2009
86 votes
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by Nina Banks

This beautiful Seahorse was taken on Cayman Brac. It stayed in our area for awhile before moving on.

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by Allen Walker

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea

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a super close up of a patch of Sergeant Major's eggs - sh... by Dawn Clerkson
a super close up of a patch of Sergeant Major's eggs - shot while the father was off-guard!
5 Votes
Peacock Flounder on the reef at Alice in Wonderland site,... by David Gilchrist
Peacock Flounder on the reef at Alice in Wonderland site,Curacao.
6 Votes
"Face Paint"
This Scorpion Fish was in the perfect spot for a straight on Portrait. These subjects are very cooperative and generally sit still, but finding them is the trick.
6 Votes
"The Ladder"
A Whip Coral lit from the back.
6 Votes
"The Den"
My favorite shot of the invasive Lion Fish. We are seeing less and less of this hungry fish on the dive sites, but sometime I just can't help but snag a couple shots of them, they are very photogenic.
3 Votes
A school of Horse-eyed Jacks making moves around the Kittiwake.
8 Votes
Whale Shark and Photographer, Isla Contoy México
6 Votes
A beautiful brittle star moving gently along the edge of ... by Sean Howard
A beautiful brittle star moving gently along the edge of a translucent sponge at night
6 Votes

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date posted location: Caribbean Sea Cayman islands
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The photographer's (my own) reflection in an air bubble r... by Sean Howard
The photographer's (my own) reflection in an air bubble rising to the surface. A most unusual selfie!
9 Votes
Some days the visibility here in Cayman really makes you sit back and enjoy.
4 Votes
"Jelly Fun"
Having some fun with this Upside Down Jelly at Starfish Point.
11 Votes
"Say O"
A rare shot for me. After all the Slender File Fish that I have had in front of my lens, I dont know if I have ever seen one with it's mouth open.
4 Votes
"Fin Up"
A close up of the same Blenny. Triple Fin's color and patterns make them one of my favorite little fish to find.
2 Votes
The best way to rest is to blend in and hide amongst the ... by Adeline Wee
The best way to rest is to blend in and hide amongst the concave of one's environment.
5 Votes
"Size Matters"
This shot was possible with the use of a 100mm macro lens stacked with a Subsea =10 Diopter.
Black Coral Shrimp with eggs.
5 Votes
"Green Eyes"
A first time find for me here. I am having trouble identiyfing this crab just from our ID books. Not a bad day at the office, find something completely new to me and snag some good shots.
3 Votes
7 Votes
Feeding Frenzy, Isla Contoy México
6 Votes
"The Pace"
A diver keeps pace with an Eagle Ray to grap the perfect shot.
3 Votes
"Dive Bomb"
We watched this Turtle surface, then headed into a swim through. As soon as I exited I looked up to find him heading straight for me. I quickly adjusted settings and pulled the shutter.
4 Votes
Whale Shark encounter, Isla Contoy Mexico
5 Votes
Getting up close & really personal with a cleaner shrimp. by Adeline Wee
Getting up close & really personal with a cleaner shrimp.
7 Votes
Crowdy day :-)
7 Votes
Hanging by the "thread" by Adeline Wee
Hanging by the "thread"
6 Votes
A resting Southern Stingray almost completely covered with sand.
13 Votes
"View from the Bottom"
The Wall on this site has so much life. Massive sponges and sea fans all full, healthy, and colorful.
9 Votes
Super close up of a Whip Coral.
3 Votes
12293 Entries Found: Page 3  of  456