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Week 32 winner

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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2859 Entries Found: Page 27  of  106
The Meeting- eye to eye
Dappled sunlight
Delicate Feathers - Castle Reef - Aliwal Shoal
Blacktip Shark on Aliwal Shoal with remoras
Clash of the Giants. Where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet at the most southern tip of Africa
Curled up
Klipfish at Steenbras Deep
Smiling Rock Sucker
Sevengill Cowshark - a prehistoric shark that we are lucky enough to dive with here in Cape Town. They can be elusive sometimes so still need to get a pic with my DSLR,but here's a great one from my compact.
Toilet time! A toilet on the wreck of the SAS Pietermaritzburg in False Bay, Cape Town
A three dimensional view of a basket star
~ High Five ~
Blood on the water
Neon Nudibranch at Noble Reef
Trying to blend in and be beautiful
Its interesting how some anemones fluoresce under UV light and some don't. this one is one of the brightest that I have seen so far, quite an amazing site!
In my study of underwater fluorescence in temperate waters, I can now add the hagfish to my list. Hagfish are ancient jawless fishes which secrete slime that may act to deter predators.
Flaming Tornado- the beauty of a tube worm
Definitely not the usual place to see sharks - sleeping in a tree!
A thorny issue to handle
A common octopus peers inquisitively from his hiding place on the reef.
A gasflame nudibranch brings even more colour to the beautiful pinnacles at Noble Reef, Gordon's Bay
Rumbling Waves
~ Exhale ~
2859 Entries Found: Page 27  of  106

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