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by Jeffrey Lim

Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2864 Entries Found: Page 29  of  107
It's so dark where we dive, I just loved how this little coral was so vibrant. sometimes it's the little things that make your day smile
Meet the Gentle Giant- the ancient cowshark
Unfortunately holidays have to come to an end, so its back to work for us! Here's an image of a crowned nudibranch who stands proud and isn't intimidated by the immenseness of his surroundings
Beautiful gorgonian fan which is usually found at depth, but they grow just under the surface under the jetty as it is out of direct sunlight. It's neighbours are fan worms of varying colours.
Divers off Cape Point with a Blue Shark
A study in Black and White.The beauty of a feather-duster worm
~ Beam Me Up ~
Strawberry anemones - Hermanus - South Africa
Another practise of the close focus wide angle with my new fisheye lens, bit of a shot on the run as we were participating in a survey of the biodiversity in the yacht basin
~ Circle of Friends ~
~ Strawberry Splash ~
Working on my close focus wide angle shots with my new fisheye lens. The anemone under the jetty made for a good practise shot
~ Intimacy ~
One Box Jellyfish inside the bell of another. This is the first time this behaviour has been recorded for this species.
~ Crystal Clear ~
A frilly love affair. Frilled nudibranchs
~ The Meeting ~
A lesson in how to become a great sun-burst soft coral
Strawberry Farm
Tropical Yellow Tail (Amber Jack) hunting silversides on the reef! Great to just chill and watch as the methodically mow the little fish down one by one.
~ Solar Power ~
~ Starry Night ~
~ Whiplash ~
~ Midday Snack ~
Dark Shy shark predating on a snail it has dug up.
~ Off to Hunt ~
"Photo Bomb"
Eish, got photo bombed on what could have been one of my best! But hey thats how it goes when working with these predators!
Inseparable. Two interwoven violet spotted sea anemones
2864 Entries Found: Page 29  of  107

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