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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Australia

3137 Entries Found: Page 10  of  117
She fell for the sea-horse in my dome
Ray of Light part of this year Taronga Zoo Vivid
Australian sea lion (IUCN endangered species) making bubbles off the coast of Green Head (Western Australia) in the Fishermans Island Nature Reserve.
As part of this years Taronga Zoo Vivid there was these light sculptures of a Port Jackson Shark and Turtle
Barracuda taken at South Channel Forte in Port Philip Bay, Australia
night time at the jetty
Pempheris multiradiata
Western blue devil Paraplesiops sinclairi
Night dive at Morningtion pier
Jellyfish at Mornington Pier on a night dive.
Seahorse, taken at Sorrento Pier, after the last ferry departure.
under the veil of night
I was trying to capture this freshwater cray as it was in free flight
Busselton jetty
San Remo, taken at San Remo pier located Philip Island, Victoria.
A Spotted Carpet Shark shot under a DIY Blacklight.
Eye of the Beholder. a Close up shot of an Adult sized Sepia apama found beneath Busselton Jetty, Western Australia. Night dive.
black lip blenny
Common Sydney Octopus South Maroubra Beach NSW Australia
Triple fin blenny
Smooth Anglerfish Balmoral Beach Mosman NSW
Wobbegong Shark Fly Point Port Stevens NSW Australia
Ornata Cowfish feeding on a crab Pt Hughes Jetty South Australia
Crab Rapid Bay Jetty Rapid Bay South Australia
two horned blenny
Seahorse posing for my bugeye (cropped to DX)
3137 Entries Found: Page 10  of  117

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