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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Honduras

1188 Entries Found: Page 11  of  44
Seahorse found swimming under a dock
Reef Squid, Roatan Marine Park. An interesting subject!
Spotted Drum, Roatan Marine Park
Two lobster 'face off' in Roatan.
Diver,in background, with Hawksbill Turtle in the waters of the Roatan Marine Park.
Sharpnose Puffer
A Mutton Snapper, looking very much like a good supper, in the protected waters of the Roatan Marine Park
A Stoplight Parrotfish glides through the waters of the Roatan Marine Park.
Diver/Photographer at the bow of the El Aguila wreck, Roatan Honduras
The 'Odd Couple' Turtle and remora taking a time out under a ledge. Roatan Marine Park.
Perezi's Detail
Reef Scenic, Roatan Marine Park,
Diver/ photographer 'capturing' turtle.
'Elusive Angel' With the subject bobbing and weaving effortlessly, two of us try to 'capture' the image of an Angel.
Lion Fish (Pterois volitans), Spooky Channel, Roatan Honduras
Along the Wall, 'Peter's Place' Roatan Marine Park
Reef Scenic, Roatan Marine Park, Texas Drift Dive
Resident Eel, El Aguila Wreck. I believe this one has passed and has been replaced recently by another eel.
So close than can feel the action. Shark feeding with the Italian

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Shark up close - Image uploaded for testing purposes , ta... by Tal Mor
by: Tal Mor
Shark up close - Image uploaded for testing purposes , taken by my brother, Ran, last year.
Reef Squid, Roatan
Roatan Marine Park, coral scene with diver.
Caribbean Reef Shark Dive
Huksbill 2nd shot
Ladder near the Bow of the El Aguila wreck, Roatan
'M1', the Lion Fish Hunter,
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp
Periclimenes yucatanicus
size 3/4 - 1 in. depth 10 ft.
Utila Island Honduras
Canon 400D EF100mm. f/2.8 macro
1/180, f16, ISO320 Ikelite Housing
copyrights Ozden Konuralp
1188 Entries Found: Page 11  of  44

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