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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bismarck Sea

315 Entries Found: Page 7  of  12
Blenny being curious as always
Locals getting dinner
Colourful Reef
Final RoundThrough to 2011 awards final round judging
At first, when I took the shot, I thought the two shrimp were cleaning the parrotfish, but zooming in on the pic, it looks more like the shrimp on the right was eating the one on the left because the head & eyes are missing! Is this possible?
Blue Eyes
Blue Ribbon Eel
Noting to say
Night dive, at the end of a dive, in the stern lights
Valentine's Day for Nudi's
Valentines Day for Nudi's, I guess. Saw a numerous "couples" that week.
Just go with the flow...
I was laying on my back in 20ft, taking shots of the kids. I placed my camera on my chest to blow an air ring. This kid totally caught me off guard by swimming down through the air ring. I just grabbed the camera and snapped.
This was a tough shot because it was moving almost 10 meters a minute! Heart pounding stuff! Ok, that's a lie, I couldn't think of anything exciting to say about taking a picture of a nudibranch... and just checking if anybody actually reads this smile
Nikonos 5, 1:1 macro frame. Saw this one in my light on my way back to the stern after night dive. I was had 1 frame left, and tried for almost 10 min before I could get him in the frame, and this was the result. One shot, or more like one lucky shot
The Panda Clownfish is the most fierce when it comes to protecting it's home. I've had one draw blood from my knuckles when I got too close. Small fish with a big fish attitude!
Little too close for comfort
Shark Entourage. Not sure what the deal is here, I guess the fish feel safe as long as they can see the shark, and the best way to keep it in their vision is to stick with it.
Saw this colorful guy on the black volcanic sand under the boat, which made it easy to spot.
Kids playing on the stern of the boat, dive down during safety stops, and love getting their picture taken
Final RoundThrough to 2011 awards final round judging
Pink Anemone Fish
Locals join us all day, every day to see what we do. This is the typical view after returning from a dive.
Two of these nudi's were chasing each other, guess it was mating season. They were moving pretty fast, so I managed to get a few different angle shots of them.
Found this colorful guy in a dead log, so he was pretty easy to spot, and not shy
315 Entries Found: Page 7  of  12

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