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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Sudan

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Sea star shrimp on Egyptian sea star
Rough seas and ladder exits mean timing is important.
I also like the sunbeams breaking through the water inviting divers to the surface.
Canon ixus and fisheye lens.
Parrot fish on the Umbria at night. Canon ixus 100 and d2000 strobe.
Clown fish are much easier to photograph at night when they are a lot less active. This one was taken on a night dive on the wreck of the Umbria in Sudan. Canon ixus 100 and d2000 strobe. Slight crop.
Would you follow this dive guide???
Night diving with sharks is always fun. We had 2 great night dives in sudan with silky sharks. The 2 green lights in the background are from another divers video lights.
Perfect Symmetry.
I had a ball diving with the baracuda. This site also gets grey reef sharks and that was what most other divers were interested in. I just loved the baracuda !!
Parrotfish poo. It's always funny...
We were nearing the end of a pretty uneventful dive when I spotted this beautiful turtle . They really are such wonderful creatures.
Silky shark in sunbeams, Tokina 10-17mm FE
Clown fish on the Umbria.
I have always dreamed of diving with a large school of barracuda and on my last hol to Sudan I got the chance on a number of occaisions. It deffo lived up to expectations !!
Bridge of the Umbria wreck in Sudan taken with manual wb and natural light. Canon ixus 100 and inon fisheye lens.
Silky shark at night, taken with single strobe out wide on the left, with snoot
Bombs on the Umbria !!
Slow shutter speed and a little camera movement !!Canon Ixus 980, fisheye lens and manual WB.
I wanted a different photo of the bombs and tried a couple of this type of shot...This was my favourite. No PS
Close encounters with silky sharks, Sudan
Lionfish in natural coral window.
Taken at Shaab Rumi in Sudan with canon ixus 100 and single inon d2000 strobe
Easter Sunday on the Umbria !!
Everyone wanted easter eggs !!
The bow of the Umbria, Sudan
The silky sharks on this dive were playing "chicken" with me all dive swimming straightat me and then swimming above my head. Great fun.
Detail of a White-Spotted Pufferfish
The "osculum" of a Tridacna gigas.
In the Cousteau village Precontinent II there is the wreck of the hangar of underwater scooter
Soft Coral garden
Wherever you find black sponges in the Red Sea, you can find African and Pyjama nudibranchs.
Portrait of a lined butterflyfish (Chaetodon meyeri)
385 Entries Found: Page 10  of  15

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