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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Honduras

1187 Entries Found: Page 21  of  44
Roatan, Juvy Drum, D300, 60mm
This image was taken during a trip to Roatan in 07. This French Angel is giving me the eye!
A burst of color, in a beautiful coral formation, under a ledge. Roatan, Honduras.
SeaLife DC 1000
Roatan, D300, Tokena 10-17 shot @10mm
Roatan diver looking at crab, D300, Tokina 10-17 lens
Silver Medal Silver Medal 2011

Final RoundThrough to 2011 awards final round judging
Another Roatan reef scenic with available light.
Reef Scenic,Roatan. I enjoy capturing an available light shot or two of the reef area at the beginning of a dive, prior to descent into deeper waters.
Young eel...
Arrowhead Crab
Old Man Toad Fish
Sitting in a salad bowl.
A little something in black and white.
Just trying to blend in.
This is a stoplight parrotfish that was cruising by. It is an interesting shot because he is coming out from behind the vegetation and going behind the rock leaving only his eye visible. Sometimes, timing is everything.
This picture was taken in Roatan. The nudibranch was tucked up on a little ledge under an overhang so the area was tight.
A picture of the coral experimenting with Nikon 85mm lens on a Fuji S2.
This turtle stayed in the same grass patch for about three months feeding on the turtls grass. a beautiful friendly animal.
This was an extremely lucky shot! I just wanted to take a picture of the inside of one of these coral, and there was this beautiful sea star inside!
Goldentail Moray - deep throat
Little boy blue, come blow your horn. Trumpet, that is...
The Utila Aggressor II at Rocky Point under a full moon
Juvy drum, Roatan, D300-60mm
Not a great picture, but a beautiful scene
Flamengo Tongues
Flying Starfish on West Bay reef, Roatan.
Underwater seascape on the West Bay reef wall, Roatan, Honduras
1187 Entries Found: Page 21  of  44

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