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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

1084 Entries Found: Page 33  of  41
Hermit crab. Ogden point, BC. Canon Ixy 980.
Quillback rockfish (Sebastes maliger). Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10.
Flabellina triophina. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10, Inon D2000, 2XUCL165
Red sea urchin. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10.
Bulb Kelp. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10.
Sponge hermit crab. In time the sponge completely replaces the original snail shell. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10 & Inon D2000.
"Eyes" buffalo sculpin, Enophrys bison. Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10 & Inon D2000.
Rough patch shrimp (Pandalus stenolepis). Quadra Island, BC. Canon G10 & Inon D2000.
Harbour seal.
Orange Sea pen, tube-dwelling anemone and brittle stars. Canon G10 & Inon D2000.
Flabellina triophina. Canon G10, Inon D 2000 & 2X UCL165.
King crab? :-)) Graceful decorator crab, Oregonia gracilis. Decorator extraordinaire, using any material of its environment and then attach them to its body. Here with a yellow sponge and a strawberry anemone. Canon G10.
Face to face with a swimming Giant Nudi (Dendronotus iris). Canon G10.
Tiny red sausage jelly, Euphysa sp, Canon G10.
Bulb Kelp. (Canon G10)
Flabellina triophina. (Canon G10, Inon D2000, 2X UCL165)
The Lost Garden
This was taken on a photo shoot in Nassau. It is called:
Bulb Kelp, Campbell River, British Columbia.
Bulb Kelp.
"The Boss" a smallmouth bass inspects it's territory
Snell's window & surrounding reflection gives this view of a tech diver ready for a skills dive in Morrisons Quarry. Nikonos V, Sea & Sea 12mm lens, Fuji 200 ASA film on manual exposure. Slightly cropped for subject & colour corrected.
"Lilie" Submerged Lilie pad and sunrays
Portside alleyway of HMCS Saguenay, sunk Lunenburg Bay (Nova Scotia) in 1994 as an artificial reef. Nikonos V, 12mm Sea & Sea lens, natural light, auto exposure with Kodak 3200 B&W film. Scratches removed in PS.
"Captain's Quarters" A rock bass makes an old wreck his home...
"Red, sinking feeling"
A moon snail at Paddy's Head in Halifax NS. Taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC Tz5.
"Beam me up, Scotty!" Suspended particles revealed by a shaft of light in a small stream.
1084 Entries Found: Page 33  of  41

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