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by Margriet Tilstra

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Australia

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About to explode... taken with 60/2.8 and Inon Bugeye
Magpie Perch Rapid Bay Jetty Rapid Bay South Australia
exploiting the bugeye for some seahorse perspective. cropped to DX vertical
Hi,my first underwater housing, so I am new to this style. There is a bridge near me that was built in 2005 that curves around and then goes over the ocean, replacing the road that hugged the cliffs but shut due to rock falls. My bridge portrait!
Busso jetty at its best
This shot was taken right as the sun set over the reef on Heron Island. The rays of the sun came through the water onto the Acropora colony, giving it an amazing colour.
Schooling Old Wife Rapid Bay Jetty Rapid South Australia
puffer fish portrait
Whorls and Ridges
Im drawn to this species of boxfish largely because the patterns covering its body remind me of the whorls and ridges of a fingerprint, I wonder if their patterns are just as unique?
Nudibranch on the lookout, The Steps, Kurnell, Sydney
This baby turtle was less than 5 minutes old and was navigating the rocks at dusk to make it to the ocean.
This baby turtle was less than 5 minutes when they made it past the seagulls to face the big ocean.
Nudibranch eating lunch
Busselton jetty
Taken at Flinders Pier on Australia Day holiday,
A cuttlefish fish enjoys a BIG lunch that was actually longer than he was. Take with an Olympus EM5 with 60 mm lens.
Ewen Ponds Crayfish
Puffer fish
Blairgowrie Cuttlefish
Western Talma Rapid Bay Jetty South Australia
Busselton jetty
Follow the Dragon
A large eel hides in a hollow
Cardinal fish showing eggs
Photo taken at Blairgowrie marina Victoria
Cuttlefish Rapid Bay Jetty South Australia
Grouper taken on the Yongala wreck in the GBR.
Cardinal fish with eggs
3113 Entries Found: Page 10  of  116

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