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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

3147 Entries Found: Page 11  of  117
A flamingo tongue cowrie framed by the branches of a gorgonian. I pushed myself to create a unique photograph: lined up the cowrie thru the branches, positioned my strobes for backlight & used high shutter speed to black the background.
"Treasured Conditions"
Looking up from 120 ft. at Ghost Mountain and it was as crystal clear as I ever seen the water here. The diver is at about 15ft enjoying some of the best conditions I have ever experienced during February.
I've been developing a lighting technique, and I thought the mermaid statue at Sunset House would be a perfect subject to employ it. I'm pleased with the result 😀 No Photoshop.
Blenny missing a few cirri
Big Daddy of the Reef
A juvenile trumpetfish is backlit as it hides in a gorgonian. I carefully placed my strobes to achieve this effect.
A green sea turtle ascends into sunbeams in late evening light.
"Fin to Fin Traffic"
Horse Eyed Jacks playing follow the leader around the reef.
It's nice to interact with other photographers underwater. Creating nice "behind the scenes" type photos. Behind every image their is a photographer.
A beautifully colored scene down the wall and the anemone right out in the open allowing me to get super close for composition.
"Hermit Crab In Slow Motion"
Ambient light and a slow shutter speed blurs the background, while strobe light freezes a hermit crab sitting on the edge of a purple vase sponge.
"Sunny Ray"
The clarity and lighting out at the Sandbar is always killer.
"Sand Traveler"
Spotted Eagle Rays spend a lot of time cruising near the sandy bottom in search of food.
"Grass Lands"
It's no wonder that the Green Turtles are always hanging out at Spotts Beach.
Sharpnose Puffer
"Water Flower"
Elk Horn Coral is very vulnerable to storm surge and swell, but lucky for us they always find a way to keep reaching for the sun.
"Synchronized Swimmers"
A pair of juvenile Spanish Hogfish swim across the reef together. Swimming in perfect tandem, the fish appear to be mirror images of each other.
Angel Fish Silhouette - Shipwreck
Mermaid looking upward to diver silhouettes
Kittiwake Shipwreck
Brain Coral Planet
Tarpon Trio
Mermaid statue at Sunset House, Grand Cayman
I used a remote strobe with a Triggerfish strobe trigger to backlight the statue, and waited for the fish to be in a good position to click the shutter.
Stingray Magic
A brightly-colored flagfin glass blenny rests on coral. Shot with one strobe on an angle to provide texture.
(No snoot.)
Shark Speed
3147 Entries Found: Page 11  of  117

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