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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic

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Emma up close and personal at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Living water
7 gill shark in the kelp forest
Shark dive @ Pico, Azores
this was shot in Biscayne Bay Florida with a canon G16,Fantasea housing
Lanzarote divers' paradise.
Diver in the cueva del diablo. El Hierro.
Anemone in Cueva del Diablo, El Hierro.
Dusky Grouper on "El Bajón", known as one of Jacques Cousteau's favorite dive site. El Hierro.
Blue shark, Azores.
eggs from the red lip blenny (Ophioblennius atlanticus). Lanzarote
Male cardinal fish Apogon imberbis rotating the egg mass.
Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
Diver in the Cathedral, Cavern on Lanzarote.
male Cardinal fish Apogon imberbis incubating eggs
Blue dressed in Black
Band-tail puffer fish, Sphoeroides spengleri. Following me around...!
"Well, Mr. alien, up there you have Arrábida's cliffs, which are one of the scenic highlights of this natural park, but the climate is a little dry for me, I prefer it down here despite of the anoying seagulls trying to bite my legs off..."
Black coral - 60 meters. Lanzarote
Friend Felix the Grouper and my buddy. Canary Islands, where oil drilling from Repsol has been approved by the Spanish government yesterday..and where fish like Felix and many other marine species might be at risk from now on...
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Lovely CFWA with diver in background, nice work.
Starfish, worms and diver.
Telamon wreck.
Telamon Wreck illuminated!
Balistes from the sun
2nd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Wow , almost looks manipulated, excellent shot.
Give me a kiss!
Trying to catch the atmosphere of Lanzarote underwater.
Cavern dive on Tmx Sidemount. Fun fun fun. Lanzarote
Sidemount Trimix Cavern Diving on Lanzarote. Beautiful cavern at 45m.
1117 Entries Found: Page 11  of  42

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