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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it. See some famous publications about winning photos.

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Australia

3124 Entries Found: Page 7  of  116
Leafy Sea Dragon
Green Turtle returning to surface
Green Turtle feeding on jellyfish
Seahorse at Rye pier
Leopard Shark from above
Leopard Shark Black and white sunburst
GWS close up
GNS with baitfish
GNS at Fish Rock
Pygmy Seahorse
Humpback breeching
Leopard Shark Tail
Green Turtle eating Jellyfish Sunburst
Loggerhead Turtle
Loggerhead Turtle returning to the surface
Grey Nurse with hook in its mouth
Manta Ray sunburst
Green Turtle eating a jellyfish
2nd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a capture in just the right moment, great lighting and composition
Loggerhead Biting the Dome
the chosen one...
Leopard in snell's window
Leopard Shark at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay Australia
Playing sealions, Western Australia
3rd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Capturing perfectly these playful sea lions
Green Turtle Sunburst
Leopard Sharks in the Sun
Grey Nurse sharks at Fish Rock
The smiling Leopard shark
3124 Entries Found: Page 7  of  116

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