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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Fiji

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Sailfin Tang (Zebrasoma veliferum) from the Bligh Water of Fiji. Nikon D100 with 60mm lens. From 2003, this was one of my first dive trips with a digital camera.
Clownfish macro
Commensal Shrimp (Periclemenes brevicarpalis). My first encounter with one. Too bad he was scurrying away! Oh well.
Ecsenius opsifrontalis: Comical Blenny
Staghorn coral, Fiji
Taveuni, Fiji...sunrise
Sponge or soft coral ? Fiji waters, D70, Sigma 14
shark fly-by
Explosion of colors, D70, Sigma 14mm, White wall, Taveuni, Fiji
Psss, did you see that crazy diver?
Diver swimming along reef in Fiji
Clown of the coast of Qamea, Fiji
Beautiful shore line of Qamea, Fiji
Olympus mju 770sw, Olympus PT-035 Housing.
ISO 80, 1/320 sec at f/ 5.0, 20.1mm.
Lawaki Beach House, Beqa, Fiji
Baby Clownfish Fan-t-Sea artwork.
snorkler enjoying the clear waters of Fiji
Dive Master in Fiji
eye to eye
Coral Reflections on a calm morning
a different perspective
lionfish fins
After a nice fishing trip!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice setup shot Francesco
Is a love of soft coral level with a love of bird watching on the dork-o-meter?
Black spotted puffer peeking out of hard coral. D70s, Sigma 14 mm, twin Ikelite D125 strobes
Flat worm , D70s, twin D125, sigma 14mm
Napoleon Wrasse
Acropora Coral
596 Entries Found: Page 15  of  23

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