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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Belize

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nice flamingo tongue
An Arrow Crab out for an evening stroll. Was able to capture this crab with my Sony NEX 5n camera w/ 18-55mm zoom lens and Sola 1200 Photo light.
sting ray in the sun
Spotted cleaner shrimp chilling out
Tortuga Cahuama,in San Pedro belize
puffer fish
sting ray with nurse shark backround
fire worm
Fire worm searching for some food
I took this shot with a Canon G11 with a Canon Housing, My camera settings were F stop at 5.6 and shutter speed at 125 ISO 200. The picture was taken at Hol Chan Marine Park in San Pedro Belize .
Deb really likes turtles
Just plain old nice coral. Glad to see the reef around Belize holding it's own. This was taken just snorkeling off the Carrie Bow Island on the reef off the Belize coast
I was not sure if this would be acceptable, but here she goes. As a photographer that shoots with models alot, I thought it only natural to try some over / under photography with my New Ikelite housing and Sony A55
Reef scene
Reef Squid swimming in the shallows of Belize.
Jamaican Mermaid Diver
Eagle Ray shot taken about 3 ft from Eagle Ray about 80 ft deep. I used a canon G11 with canon Housing, Wide Angle with Fish Eye and one Ikelite Stobe. I was in San Pedro Belize.
Taking a break
A lion fish hunting for food on the reef in Belize
"Here's looking at you!" (Depth of field added)
Just a little drum!
What a snout! Love the orange color of this guy!
Be careful where you step...
"Ol' Blue Eyes!"
"Here's looking at you!" Followed this guy all over the coral reef. Must have taken 25 photos while following him. Lots of great closeups!
"You want a piece of ME?!!". Lionfish in Belize - NOT indigenous. they are working to erradicate these....Taken down around 90 feet. This one was too deep for the guides to go back and catch to remove from the reef.
"Just Hangin'" - Decorator Crab holding on!
Taken with my Canon 990IS with focus light and camera flash (my strobe flooded on first dive). This was a cute little guy!
451 Entries Found: Page 6  of  17

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