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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Halmahera Sea

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Crocodille fish...found in Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia. Canon EOS 400D, with Sea and Sea housing and strobes...
Another classic Raja Ampat scene
another tightly packed group of sweetlips with numerous cleaner wrasse swarming around
Raja Ampat
"Three Bargibanties"; met in the Raja Ampat, West Papua
"Siesta" - This fish I've shot with a 50mm Macro lens. Despite it's bigger than 7,5cm, it fits better in this category than in wide angle. Found at the Raja Ampat, West papua.
Chromodoris leopardus, from the Raja Ampat, West Papua
crinoid abstract
"Croco's Eye" taken at the Raja Ampat, West Papua
soft coral under the trees, The Passage, Raja Ampat
Rainforest above, corals, leaves and fish just under the watersurface in the passage in Raja Ampat.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
an attractive composition
Intact corals and lots of kinds of fish in Raja Ampat.
cowrie on a soft coral
The Passage
Raja Ampat
Anemone fish posing
Mysterious face
Denise Pygmee seahorse, 30 mtrs deep, lots of current. Very happy to make this picture. Fuji S2 pro, 50 mm Lense. Raja Ampat, Papua.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
this is a cute pygmy. Rob knows, when you're this close, get the eyes sharp
Sunlight in a cave in "the passage" Rajah Ampat, Papua
Eye of a crocodile fish, look at the "curtains" on his eye. Fuji S2 pro, 60 mm macro lense.
Black pygmee seahorse, barely 1 cm large. Species not yet determined. Fuji S2 pro, 60 mm macro lense.
"Black Pohonti" - Interesting, how this Pygmy was observing me with one eye :-) Taken at Raja Ampat, West Papua.
A Chelidonura amoena taken at the Nudibranch Rock, Raja Ampat, West Paupa
"Coral Shrimp" from Raja Ampat, West Papua
The beautifull colors of the inside of a Giant Clamb, Raja Ampat, Papua. Taken with Fuji S2pro, 60 mm macro lense
Pygmee squid (3 cm) eating a shrimp, shrimp eating something else. Raja Ampat Fuji S2 pro with 60 mm lense.
Pair of Pontowii pigmee seahorses +/- 0,8 cm in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, picture taken with Fuji S2 pro and 60 mm lense.
"Batfish" from Raja Ampat, West Papua
"Blue Dinner" Raja Ampat, Wet Papua
636 Entries Found: Page 21  of  24

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