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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Micronesia

689 Entries Found: Page 7  of  26
A profusion of colour, Nippo Maru, Truk Lagoon
A batfish grouping in Truk Lagoon
bridge telegraph @Nippo Maru, Chuuk
180 degree sunset Panorama, taken @Thorfinn
Ascent from the 'San Francisco Maru'
Buddytime! Great to see how helpful a model can be, even if the shooting is already done. The model carries the camera while the photographer relaxes on a spare tank after an exhausting session ;-)
Taken in 2007 with the compact camera I had this time. Still a nice example for excellent timing and a lot of good luck - this shark was a little too greedy and couldn´t swallow his portion of the bait.
Viewing outside the Rio de Janeiro Maru in Chuuk.
Nice killing of time during a safety stop with another gentle Jelly.
Nice Jellyfish met during a deep dive.
Underwater Photographer, Truk Lagoon
Aircraft parts in one of the Fujikawa Marus cargo holds.
One single jelly shot several times, croped and assembled into one Jellyfish Panorama.
Beautiful marine growth on shipwreck in Truk Lagoon
Yellow Soft Coral, Truk Lagoon
Soldierfish sp. Truk Lagoon, Sony Rx 100 in Nauticam housing.
ISO 125 f/11 1/640
Night dive close up of a Crown of Thorn starfish.
Night dive close up of a Crown of Thorn starfish.
Close-up Giant
Picture taken at Mi'l Channel, Yap
Yellow 'Sunburst' Tubestra sp. Cup Corals, Night Dive, Truk Lagoon.
Sony Rx 100, Nauticam, Sea &Sea YSD1 Inon UCL-165LD
Shrimp sp. Swimming in water column during night dive in Truk Lagoon. Sony Rx 100, Nauticam, Sea&Sea YSD1, Inon UCL-165D
thiking.. night dive or not?
goog night.. sun
Taken with Sony Rx100 in a Nauticam Housing with FiX UWL-28M52 lens. Cropped and adjusted in iPhoto.
Dog faced Puffer fish, Truk Lagoon
Gas Mask, Truk Lagoon
The Underwater Photographer, Sony Rx 100, Nauticam Housing
689 Entries Found: Page 7  of  26

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