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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Red Sea

11105 Entries Found: Page 20  of  412
Stenopus hispidus
Victim of humans
I found this little guy alone in the anemone, I tought as he will never leave the anemone, it would be a good subject to try the CMC Macro wetlens on a Sony RX100IV (my old camera system)
I am tired !
Black and Blue !
Nudibranchia of Red Sea !
Hellooooo !
Cymbacephalus beauforti
We went to dive the wreck of Hamata in the Red Sea. Instead of wreckdiving we spend most of dive with a pod a very playful dolphins (they even came back to us on the second dive).
l art de la flutte !
Longimanus like a buddy !
Inside the coral !
Frog-Frog !
In-side the Carnatic in Egypt Red Sea !
Wreck Mohammed Hasabella, Glasslfish close the stern.
Umbria wreck
Green turtle
MV Marcus (Tile wreck). Inside the cargo holds.
Hellooooo !
oceanic whitetip shark in Red Sea
Pyjama nudi
SS Thistlegorm. Inside cargo holds.
South Red Sea / anemone fish
Red sea north Marine life
11105 Entries Found: Page 20  of  412

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