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Week 20 winner

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by Tommy Harivaldo

a frogfish with a nudibranch, together side by side. even different species, but they need each others. just like us.

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by Margriet Tilstra

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Glenn Ian Villanueva (2nd place)
Magali Marquez (3rd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Red Sea

10901 Entries Found: Page 1  of  404
massive Puffer
blue spotted ribbon tail ray
Tasty pastry.
Elegant and colorful jelly fish, El Quseir, Egypte.
Nikon D80 with Ikelite housing and two Ikelite strobes. Tamron SP-AF 17-50, 17mm, ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/60.
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Turtle Swimming
crocodilefish vs sardines!
turtle swimming gracefully over the reef
lionfish vs sardines!
Red Sea Anemonfish (Amphiprion bicinctus), Red Sea, Sanganeb, Sudan
pink soft coral
Colours splash
ss thistlegorm motor bike
School of fishes at the jetty in Brayka Bay, Marsa alam
glas fish
Canon 5 D IV, 105mm Sigma, f13 1/200, Red Sea....
turtle portrait in sunburst wideangleshot
soft coral with anthias in the sunburst
deep tones
Plectropomus leopardus grouper Red Sea 2003
Shot with Fujifilm VELVIA 100 ASA film and Nikon F60 with Nikkor 60 mms macro and Subtronic Alpha pro macro strobe F32 1/125
Paracirrhites forsteri . Blackside Hawkfish, Forster's Hawkfish
Grey moray or Geometric moray (Gymnothorax griseus)
Amphiprion bicinctus (Red Sea clownfish)
Egypt 2003
Film Fujifilm Provia 100 ASA. Nikon F60 and Sigma 50 mms macro. Subtronic Alpha pro macro
F32 1/125 (scanned with Minolta film scan)
Schooling of platax in sunburst.
Cave at Ras Mohammed
dolphin house
Chaetodon semilarvatus
Golden Semilarvatus Butterflyfish or Golden Butterflyfish.
Take with film fujifilm Provia 100ASA and Nikon F60 with Nikkor 60 mms macro and Subtronic Alpha pro macro strobe F32 1/125
Close up of a Pufferfish from the Red Sea
Fujifilm Fd 40
Turtle feast
10901 Entries Found: Page 1  of  404

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