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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bohol Sea

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Manu & the jelly. Taken in Cabilao, Bohol.
"Clark's Anemonefish" met at Dauin, Philippines (50mm macro)
"Crown of Thorns"Sea Star. These are definitely not a friend to an underwater photographer. Their thorns can penetrate about anything. Ambient light source with Canon A650IS around the area of Anda, Bohol.
"Blue Seastar Amongst Bohol Coral Garden". I have never seen such beautiful color & composition of coral anywhere. Taken with Canon A650IS & ambient light.
"Camoflauged anemone fish,"Amphiprion perideraion." I spent at least 5 minutes maintaining neutral buoyancy waiting for this fish to appear for a picture. The Heteractis magnifica anemone was a great safe camoflauge. Used Canon A650IS & no flash.
There are so many different colorful corals, that I would have to name this, The Coral Garden. The juvenile Barraccuda are friendly visitors. Canon A650IS used in Bohol Sea during my first week of underwater photography.
I found this brilliant red Sea Star about 3 meters deep in the Bohol Sea, Philippines. I used a Canon A650IS in macro mode during my first day of underwater photography.
Squid at night , black and white with Canon S70
Gobi on a whipcoral, taken with my Conon S70 and Macrolens
The eye of a Puffer, taken with my Canon S70 with Macro Lens
Nemo on the green ground, taken with Canon S70 and Macro Lens
Moray Eel , taken with Canon S70 and Macro lens
Saw Blade Shrimp with Eggs, taken at "Eden's Garden" on a Early Morning Dive, taken with Canon S70 and Macro lens .
Xeno crab, taken at the Housereef "Eden's Garden" in Bohol with Canon S70 and Macro lens
Close up of Bat Fish
X-mas tree worm , taken at Bohol with Canon S70 and Macro lens
Gorgonian wrapper, leopard anemone, Canon S70 , Macro Lens
Nembrotha Wedding at Eden's Garden, Canon S70 with Macro Lens
First enconter with these blue faced cardinals D200/60mm
Hypselodoris apolegma at Edens's garden in Bohol, Canon S70 with Macro lens and Inon Strob Z240
Sea cucumber feeding on gold stuff D200/60mm
Zoom on it there a fish on me 350D/70mm
Just for the colors and texture D200/60mm
Flying Flatworm on a nightdive at Eden's garden, Canon S70
Spotted hawkfish taken at the housereef of Bituon Beach , Canon S70 and macro lens
Nudybranch during night dive at "lighthouse" dive site / Malapascua
Eye to Eye with Hermit Crab and it's tools!
774 Entries Found: Page 21  of  29

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