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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Andaman Sea

1547 Entries Found: Page 13  of  58
Reflections in Jellyfish lake in Palau
Relaxing time in Palau Jellyfish Lake
I saw this Hawksbill Turtle going up for air, so I patiently waited for it to come back down, and it swam straight for me only to stop and slash its stomach a meter above me.
My son Julio, meeting with a whale shark in Maldives.
Diving in Weh Island , the most west island of indonesia.
One remote place that seldom dive my diver visit weh is Rondo Island.
Amazing landscape and many over hand and small cave make this place very amaze me.
Manta in Maldives
Finally, another shot from the Rajan serie. It´s my favorite one - no divers/models on it. Just HIM :-)
Reflections in a cave in Palau. One strobe underwater and the other strobe above
A turtle and Marc in Maldives.
mating squids - and a view things added - nikonosV
Similan Island
Also the night dives in Chuuk bear some nice surprises
A free swimming leopard shark taken at Phuket Shark Point in Thailand. Notice its 3 little companions leading the way! First time in a while we had some decent vis and the dive site lived up to its name!
Anemon in Super Color
My buddy - obviously confused by the number of fish around him...
Another CFWA experiment - what you think?
Eye to Eye....Gapang Beach, Pulau Weh.
Classic close focus wide angle shot...
Some shrimps hanging upside down below a rock. Genus Rhynchocinetes, most likely Rhynchocinetes durbanensis.
Crown-of-thorns starfish @ the andaman islands.
Final RoundThrough to 2013 awards final round judging
Tigertail Seahorse "hang in there!" Taken while Scuba Diving at the Sharkpoint! Camera: Sea&Sea DX2G f/6.3 1/168 ISO 100
Unique perspective on the Oriental Sweetlips. Everybody was shooting them from one side to emphasize the patterns and sudently i Had the idea to try another angle.
Purple haze @ Barren Island
Flying Lion - Canon Powershot S95 with single Sea & Sea YS17 by Tim Ho
by: Tim Ho
Flying Lion - Canon Powershot S95 with single Sea & Sea YS17
Leopard (Zebra) Shark taken while Scuba Diving at the Marine National Park Phi Phi Islands. Sea&Sea DX2G f/3.6 1/200 Iso: 64
Stick Pipefish, Pulau Weh
1547 Entries Found: Page 13  of  58

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