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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Andaman Sea

1547 Entries Found: Page 17  of  58
Shot on Nikon D90 w Tokina 100mm, Ikelite housing and dual D161 strobes.
This guy was trying to cross over a hole, he was sniffing around to catch a ledge somewhere...
Kiss Me!
Yellow Boxfish taken at the Phi Phi Islands on 23.11.12 Camera Sea&Sea DX2G
I guess its a Dusky Blenny but its hard to distinguish on only its head....! Taken today at the local Islands Ao Nang with a Camera Sea&Sea DX2G no diopter used!
Skunk Shrimp
Red Sea star "mouse Shrimp" during a night dive
A very green colored Tasseled Scorpion Fish
Sun Raises inside a Cave
A Durban Dancing Shrimp on the king Cruiser Wreck
Mantis Shrimp
A cushion, cucumber & a mountain...

S95 - no strobes, ... by Tim Ho
by: Tim Ho
A cushion, cucumber & a mountain...
S95 - no strobes, photoshop or lightroom
Porcelain Crab Close Up
Ornate Ghost-Pipe Fish with Gorgonia in the Background f/4.4 Expo. 1/68 sec. Camera Sea&Sea DX2G
A Small Octopus peers at us! Camera DX2G f/4.4 Expo. 1/111 sec.
Long Nose Pipe Fish Portrait, while scuba diving the Local Islands Ao Nang Krabi Thailand! f/4.4 Expos. time: 1/68 sec.
Coral Banded Shrimp Portrait. Taken while Scuba Diving at the local Islands Ao Nang with a Sea&Sea DX2G Camera f/4.4; 1/68 sec.
Hey Dude! Green Turtle.
Glossodoris Atromarginata (Nudi Branch) rhinophres
A juv Coral Banded Shrimp
The Laughing Leo
Giant Moray with a Cleaner-Wrasse
Devil Scorpion Fish while Free-Diving
A curious Common Lionfish
Leopard (Zebra) Shark with Yellow Pilot Fish f/4.4 Exposure time 1/68 Sec.
Lizard Fish f/4.4 Exposure Time 1/68 Sec.
Longnose Pipefish in White
Nemo, Amphiprion Occelaris or False Clownfish, Picture was taken at Phi Phi Islands.
Phyllidia-Elegans a close up of the rhinophores of a wart slug
1547 Entries Found: Page 17  of  58

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