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Olympus EM1X

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Andaman Sea

1547 Entries Found: Page 11  of  58
Manta Ray 1. Taken at Hin Daeng Thailand. Camera: Sony NEX7 f/5.6 ISO-200 1/100sec. Strobe: 2xInon Z-240
primo piano
Diver, Manta, Bubbles!
Turtle in Palau.
The split.
Swirling barracudas
Island split. Similan islands, Thailand.
Similan Islands. Thailand
Pipefish, Palong North,Phi Phi Ley
Goby hiding, Hin Daeng
'Splendid colour' - splendid anemone and resident
Tiger cardinalfish with eggs, Koh Haa
'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'... ornate ghost pipe fish in front of seafan
Chiseltooth Wrasse, Hin Daeng
3 deadly animals from Komodo island. 10.5 mm nikon,d300, hugyfot housing, ys250 and ys110 strobes.
Glasseye fish and divers
Peacock Mantis shrimp eye, Palong
Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging
Clark's Anemonefish hiding, Shark Fins Reef, Similans
Pipefish at Palong, Phi Phi Ley
Arm of Linckia laevigata. The little red spot on the upper end is considered its "eye" or better light receptor, described in a recent article in National Geographic. Bida Nok
squid at nightdive
Hawksbill turtle, early morning at Finger Reef, Bida Nok
Flabellina sp. at Koh Doc Mai
Blenny at Mushroom Rock, Phi Phi Ley
Lionfish in a Wreck
Rockmover wrasse with cleaner, Bida Nok
1547 Entries Found: Page 11  of  58

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