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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Stuart Spechler

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French angelfish are not skittish, but it's unusual for them to approach a diver spontaneously like this friendly couple did.
Curious sea monster, up close and too personal.
Let's do lunch. Two beautiful hunters on the prowl.
Runner Up Monthly HotShots
Underbelly of the beast. Magnificent animal.
Portrait of a yellow tail snapper, a common but beautiful fish.
Fish for dinner again? The shark feeders had just opened the bait box, and all the sharks in the area except this one rushed in to see what was on the menu.
Dinnertime! Hungry Caribbean reef sharks gathering for a meal.
Portrait of a private sargeant.
Beauty in motion. Elegant shark circling the bow of a shipwreck.
WHAT did you just say to me??!!
Confrontation with an indignant Bahamian shark captured on camera.
Two hunters on the prowl, up close and personal.
Predators! Two hungry sharks circling the bait box. Wonderful to be so close to such beautiful creatures.
Whatever you're selling, I don't want any. Huge green Moray eel, Cozumel. Taken with a Fuji Finepix S2 in an Aquatica housing.
Hawksbill sea turtle preparing to launch. Beautiful background. Great dive.
Natural beauty of a queen angelfish in her realm.
Whitetip reef shark, just chillin' in the Galapagos.
Hard to get a good shot of the very playful sea lions in the Galapagos. They zip by at lightning speed. While I was snorkeling, this one circled several times, upside down. Locked onto his face and panned the camera with him to get this shot.
A beautiful invader. We dived in Turks 3 years ago and didn't see one lion fish. This year we saw them on every dive.
A smiling Galapagos sea lion in his natural habitat - a park bench. I wanted to give this cute little guy some money, but he'd probably just spend it on alcohol.
Here's lookin' at you kid. Wary fish in the Caribbean.
Strong current and cold water, but overall great dive in the Galapagos. This seahorse was surprisingly large (maybe 6 inches).
Sound sleeping cuties in the Galapagos.
Close encounter with a skeptical turtle, big island of Hawaii. Fuji Finepix S2 in Aquatica housing.
Angels in Cozumel.
Friendly whale shark with snorkelers, Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Fuji Finepix S2, aquatica housing, dual SB-105 strobes.
I think there's something in the water.
Swimmer with whale shark off Isla Mujeres. Fuji Finepix S2 in Aquatica Housing.
French angel, colorful reef, Cozumel. Fuji Finepix S2
64 Entries Found: Page 2  of  3