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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Steven Anderson

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The Willaurie a naturally sunken ship off Nassau Bahamas.There are over 20 wrecks submerged off Nassau... they have been sunk by man ... this one has not.
French Angel peers around the corner with the shadow of a Reef shark in the background. West End Bhahmas
Its a real shark rodeo at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Tiger Sharks , Lemon Sharks and Reef Sharks enjoy this sandy area called Tiger Beach located in the Bahamas Banks.
The winter months bring the Hammerheads in from deep water and they can be seen off Bimini Bahamas.
Silky Shark encounter off Jupiter Fl during a drift dive in deep water.
Great White Shark makes its pass by us. These sharks exhibit lots of power has they effortlessly make there way thru the water. This image was taken at Guadalupe Island - Mexico
Emma the World Famous Tiger Shark appears over one of the prettiest reefs in the Bahamas - Mt Olympus near Tiger Beach
Sharks and more sharks at Tiger Beach located off West End Bahamas
Teasing with fish is the normal practice to lure these big sharks in for a closer view or photograph at Guadalupe - Mexico
Ascending from the deep ... They like to ambush when hunting for food.
Guadalupe Island - Mexico
There was something that caught this Great Whites attention. Beautiful sharks!!!!!
Guadalupe Island - Mexico
This Great White Shark reminded me of Bruce in Nemo ..... Guadalupe Island
Constant pursuit ends in success. A game of keep away ends with a chunk of Tuna in this Great White's mouth at Guadalupe Island.
The twilight hour and Great White Sharks...doesn’t get better than yhat
Chomping! After several attempts this Great White Shark got the prize! Lots of power ! Guadalupe Island and Solmar V did not disappoint!
Just passing by!!!!! Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island - Mexico
The reentry after breaching displays loads of energy and power!
Great White Shark - Guadalupe Island
Taking a bite for a snack this Great White shows pure power at Guadalupe Island
Shades of blue filter on to a Great White in the calm waters of Guadalupe Island - Mexico
Great White appears from the haze of the late day sun at Guadalupe Island - Mexico
Great White approaches thru the late afternoon sun at Guadalupe off Mexico
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Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
Reef Shark find the waters off the Bahamas perfect for their home due to healthy reefs and clean water. West End Bahamas
Eye to Eye ....Great Hammerhead Eye is on a pass. Beautiful creatures!
Bimini Bahamas
Heads up in Bimini for Hammerheads!!!!! Every winter these awesome creatures show up for divers. Bimini Bahamas
Great Hammerhead Shark season in Bimini did not disappoint!
Bimini Bahamas
Bimini is the place find the Great Hammerheads during the winter months.
Hammer time in Bimini Bahamas
1315 Entries Found: Page 2  of  49