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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Steven Anderson

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Lemon Sharks patrol Tiger Beach constantly looking for nibbles on the reef.
Never a dull moment with smiling Lemon Sharks that patrol Tiger Beach at dusk in the Bahamas.
My favorite winter time dive at Crystal River always is a happy dive with the smiles of the manatees.
Tiger Sharks like to get up close and personal in the Bahamas
The day ends with Reef Sharks above, around us. Tiger Beach Bahamas
This large Tiger has this divers attention and seeing eye to eye
Doest get better than to be visited by two lovely ladies! Tiger Beach Bahamas
Getting the shots full on and GO! Tiger Beach -Bahamas
This Reef Shark is close and comfortable at Blue Pride Reef - Bahamas
A good sign that there are Sharks below the surface at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Cozumel has some of the largest anemones I have encountered in the Caribbean.Love the green tips!
The Bahamas offer clear blue water, colorful reefs and lots of healthy sharks.
Incoming for a closer look!!!! Emma at Tiger Beach Bahamas
A quick inspection of my dome and her reflection before visiting the other divers in the group at Tiger Beach - Bahamas /Tiger Shark
There is no shortage of clear blue water and color when diving in the Bahamas.
How about and over and under? Two Spotted Dolphins play in the warm waters of Bimini.
Sometimes its hard deciding which shark to photograph. Interaction offers knowledge of these beautiful animals.
One of the prettiest Angelfish, the French Angelfish that inhabits the waters off Cozumel.
Sharks keep our reefs healthy and the Bahamas has no shortage of healthy reefs and sharks.
This Tiger shark looking for our attention is big and certainly gets our attention at Tiger Beach Bahamas
morning Lemon Snaps at Tiger Beach
Never a dull morning with Lemon Sharks at Tiger Beach
Early morning of Lemon squeeze at Tiger beach - Bahamas
Tiger Sharks bump things like we as humans feel things with our hands! There's nothing like cuddling with Emma at Tiger Beach
Tiger Sharks like Emma really know how to pose and attract attention. Tiger beach - Bahamas
Lemon Sharks possess 2 things: character and a toothy smile. This Lemon Shark smiles and wants to be close ! Love Tiger Beach!
When visiting Tiger Beach there is always the opportunity to see things on an eye to eye basis. Emma knows!
1315 Entries Found: Page 7  of  49