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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Joe Graham

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Hammerhead at Tiger Beach
Hammerhead close up at Tiger Beach
Who you looking at! Parrotfish Eye close up.
Shot taken on our way out to the Dive Site "The Magnet" outside of Belongas Bay, Lombok.
Spaceship! Manta passing by on Night dive under the boat
Mantas playing under the boat. Shot using the light from the dive deck. Shot using a Canon 400d, Ikelite Housing
Close up of a Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse hiding in the dark.
Jetty bathed in the early Morning Sun! Raja Ampat Dive Resort
Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse trying to hide. But we found you!
Crab Portrait - Red and White Harlequin Crab feeding on the edge of a Tube Anemone. Shot was taken on a trip to Sekotong in South Lombok
Bubbles surroundnig a diver after entering the water from a boat.
Taken on a liveaboard trip in the Red Sea.
This was teken in just 3m of water.
I have no idea what it is , so if someone does know i would really like t know.
Looked to me to be a type of anemone????
Taken in Dahab, Egypt, Red Sea.
This is a shot of a common squid's tenticle. Taken on the Dive deck after the crew had caught him whilst night fishing. Liveaboard Trip, Red Sea, Egypt.
Taken whilst on my saftey stop on an early morning dive from a liveaboard, Red Sea. Viz was horrible so i took a Black and white approach.
I like the light rays on this one.
Bluespotted sting ray at a cleaning station being cleaned. Shot taken with a 10-22mm wide angle lens.
Diver taking the plunge from a liveaboard vessel. Red Sea. Egypt.
Bit lucky as the light is caught through the body of this jellyfish.
At the end of the jetty .......
Crown of Thorns. Taken in the shallow waters near Marsa Alam , Egypt
Sunrise near Marsa Alam. Egypt. smile
Dive center dog waiting on the boat as the divers return from a dive smile he loved the water!!
Dugong portrait . He still has some of his sea grass breakfast on his mouth and a big smile. taken Near Marsa Alam .
wish i knew what these where. But i watched them for more than 10 mins as they climbed on a single silky thread till they reached the corals above. Amazing!
Snorkeler at Elphinestone unaware that underneath him is a baby Longimanus. Should have seen him jump when he did see it smile
Soldier fish stares me down as he stands guard on his coral patch.
Two Egg Coweries having a private moment on an Elephant coral.
Small Gorilla Crab Swimming away, Taken on Holiday n the Philippines
28 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2