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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Allen Walker

325 Entries Found: Page 10  of  13
Taken with 70mm Macro lens, pretty lucky shot considering.
Just a stunning array of colour....
Black Tip having a light snack...
I hope this one will be less provocative smile
Touchy Subject smile

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I was asked to disqualify this shot due to the rule about touching marine life. Interaction is acceptable provided the critter is not air breathing. In this case I'm sure the shark could just bite this idiots head off if he felt like it!
Let's play
Something different
What a view!!
whooo hooo, low flying black tips
Tiger Shark...and she's a Beauty...a bit shy though
Black Tip
My Latin is nonexistent but I think this is aptly named.......Bitetesverysores
What you looking at...huh
Loose mall....
A devilish smile........ unfortunetly caused by fisherman
5m viz.....hmmm
A pretty small nudi, about 10mm, but check out the dude above it, standing on the orange bit, centre top....
Never been good with names but a rather colourful nudi, up close with some really small life form on his cropping.
Lizzard Fish taken close up and he was not budging!
In the shadows....... (no cropping)
On patrol!!
Sardine Run 2009 - Dolphins busy herding a bait ball break the surface
Manta Shrimp close up - no crop.
Something a little different....
Photoshopped to make our good friends favorite colour (Pink)come alive under water!! It is now a poster on the wall....
325 Entries Found: Page 10  of  13