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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By William Goodwin

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Magic eye on this grouper who was begging for attention. Cayman Brac, 70 fsw.
Blue-eyed Crustacean, Cayman Brac night dive.
Perhaps those that were offended by the image of me hugging a grouper I have worked to protect will prefer images of dead fish, like this ono (wahoo) I caught with a handline while sailing off Baja California
Eye of the Needle... Beqa lagoon, Fiji
Late in the day at Wananavu
Sea Egg = Polar Co-ordinate tool and other PS tools applied to a night shot of a Tube Anemone at Bonaire.
Egg No. 11. Polar coordinate tool plus some clean-up and added a reflection.
Egg No. 15
Egg No. 7 - polar coordinate tool and some shading and polishing.
Peppermint shrimp in branching vase sponge lit from exterior with video torch - no crop.
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A nicely done "frame in a frame" and the Bokeh works well.
A Peppermint Shrimp constantly in motion within this Branching Vase sponge, lit from the exterior by a video light. No crop. Bonaire, 75 fsw.
This Purple Mouth Moray was content to spend its days being cleaned by the numerous attendants in the Brotula's cave. Tori's Reef, Bonaire.
Smooth Trunkfish with Scarlet Striped Cleaner Shrimp at Tori's. No crop.
The iconic salt mounds on Bonaire during wind reversal/stoppage last October.
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2012

Final RoundThrough to 2012 awards final round judging
A Black Brotula at Tori's on Bonaire. That's a Purple Mouth Moray behind it.
There are several arresting views in the flat south of Bonaire. This is one. That's an osprey on the obelisk.
Tube anemone with shrimp - Lembeh.
On top of the world! Lembeh Strait.
This "Solar-Powered" nudibranch has an Emperor Shrimp hitchhiker, an arthropod more frequently found on echinoderms. Lembeh Strait.
Small Ornate Ghost Pipefish with backlighting. Lembeh Strait
This sneaky-looking little devil just looks like trouble. Spiny Devilfish, Lembeh
Two frogfish backed up to an elephant ear sponge in Lembeh Strait.
A cuddly little Leopard Toadfish. Four miles offshore from Seaside, Florida Panhandle. 80 fsw.
Glass Eye Snapper with tail & fins backlit. One of the denizens of understructure of the Aquarius undersea habitat. 60 fsw. Conch Reef off Key largo.
In air but definitely not "Topside." Taken inside the Aquarius undersea habitat/laboratory. This is the bunk "room" where six aquanauts sleep for ten nights during saturation research missions. Often one of the Goliath groupers will peek in. 55 fsw.
Taken at the Aquarius undersea habitat/laboratory diving with the sponge research team in June. This is one of the resident Goliaths - like a big dog. 55 fsw at Conch Reef off Key Largo
I was at Aquarius to photograph and video the sponge research for my forthcoming book on sponges. Here is a set of thermisters measuring outflow from a cluster of tube sponges. Looks like a sponge ICU. 65 fsw, Conch Reef, Key Largo.
106 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4