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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Agung Djaja Rachwan

23 Entries Found
Hello .. I am welcoming You to join UW Photo Community smile
An elegant Whale Shark with its Remoras ..
Imperial Shrimp on Sea Star
My name is 'Black Red and White' Nudi .. smile ... First time in my life to see this color of a nudi ..
I found this fish when Diving at Matano Lake, Sorowako at South Celebes, Indonesia. Very interesting since when shooting some pictures has the red eyes .. so I called this fish as " Crying Fish " Hahaha ..
a "HELLO" from Raja Ampat Damselfish ... Like the color ... smile
Yellow Blenny of Raja Ampat ! ... Luv the Eye ...
Goby with Polka Dot Background smile .. Just my luck ..
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Final RoundThrough to 2011 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
the unusual background makes this one stand out
Blenny of Raja Ampat .... "Hellowww" ... smile
Rich Marine Lifes ... Lots of Fishes and Healthy Gorgonian .. So Happy to see them ...
Yellow Gobies in the bottle .. Hope you willl enjoy it ..
Skeleton Shrimp . It is about 1 cm long and 0,5mm wide .. Very difficult to get focus on its eye .. Lucky enough to get this photo ..
Goby of Maratua .. ! With it s surrounding coral @ Borneo, Indonesia ..
Imperial Shrimp on Sea Cucumber ... Love the color of the shrimp ..
A pose of Bargibanti Pygmy Sea Horse ... My favourite ...
Long Arm Octopus , running away from photographer ... So fast, so lucky enough to get the focus on eye ..
Sea Horse ... ! My favourite ...
Vote me Pleasee ... eeeee ....:) ..
Candy Crab on the Top of Soft Coral .. with Yellow Background !! ... Yellow color comes from the Dive Master wetsuit .. Thanks to him to make this picture a bit unique ..
Hello .... ! I am an eel from Lembeh Strait ...
Mantis Shrimp just came out from black hole ..
A pregnant Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse ...
Colorful Goby ..
23 Entries Found