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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Claudette Muller

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An Arrow Crab out for an evening stroll. Was able to capture this crab with my Sony NEX 5n camera w/ 18-55mm zoom lens and Sola 1200 Photo light.
This is a large southern ray. I managed to move very close to him before he decided to move away.
Shark? Where?......
Wow! Do I need a shave!
Open wide! My...What a big mouth you have!
"OUCH!" The spines from these REALLY hurt!
"Hide and Seek"!
Lion fish hiding amongst the coral in Lembeh Strait.
"Here's looking at you!" (Depth of field added)
Just a little drum!
What a snout! Love the orange color of this guy!
Gas mask deep in the hold of a Truk Lagoon wreck.
I can never get enough of these "clownfish". They are so cute!
Crinoids and coral!
Spooky! The skull of a Japanese sailor who died in the engine room deep inside the Fujikawa wreck in Truk Lagoon. The blast caused the skull to meld with the surrounding metal in the egine room. Chahged it to B&W for better effect.
Beatiful coral scene on the Hoki Maru in Truk Lagoon.
"Ol' Blue Eyes!"
"Here's looking at you!" Followed this guy all over the coral reef. Must have taken 25 photos while following him. Lots of great closeups!
"You want a piece of ME?!!". Lionfish in Belize - NOT indigenous. they are working to erradicate these....Taken down around 90 feet. This one was too deep for the guides to go back and catch to remove from the reef.
Here's "Hairy"! - A cute Orangetan crab! Found this hairy little guy "hanging" around in a doorway of a wreck in Truk Lagoon. Taken with one YS-02 strobe and focus light with Canon 990 IS with wideangle wetlens.
"Just Hangin'" - Decorator Crab holding on!
Taken with my Canon 990IS with focus light and camera flash (my strobe flooded on first dive). This was a cute little guy!
"Somewhere over the Rainbow!" Anenome Fish "surfing" on a carpet purple anenome. Taken on one of the Truk Lagoon wrecks.
"Clown Fish" in anenome in Lembah Strait.
Hello, Napoleon! BIG wrasse Taken about 80 feet. This big guy was trying to play with my strobe. He kept tapping it everytime it went off. He was right next to me when I finally took this shot. It was taken with ambient light, no filter.
Loved the color combination of this tiny basslet inside a tube sponge in Belize. Used Canon PowerShot 990 IS flash and focus light since my strobe flooded on my first dive.
Kauai, Hawaii - the back end of a turtle.....taken up close and personal! Just passing by. Around 60 feet at Hale O Honu.
Anenome Fish. Taken in Palau around 60 feet. Dive site was called "a Secret Place" a favorite of the dive guide we had that day. The corals and fish were gorgeous and plentiful! Definitely a great dive!
Taken on the Nippo Maru, one of Truk Lagoon's many wrecks. About 120 feet. Crinoid on a tube sponge. Used Canon PS 990 IS with Inon focus light & YS-02 strobe.
28 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2