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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Ken Kiefer

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WhaleShark above me near Isla Mujeres They are so graceful that they look like they are barely moving until you try to swim with them, and it's tough to keep up!
My friends is a graceful free diver and smoothly glides underneath a large whale shark near Isla Mujeres.
Green Sea Turtles Mating
en route to search for whale sharks near Isla Mujeres
While in Isla Mujeres to swim with Whale Sharks we lucked into a wonderful sharp eyed dive master who found some Green Sea Turtles mating and helped us go into stealth mode to quietly sneak up and observe. So awesome!!!
Whale Shark "Botellita"
They get vertical in dense areas of plankton to gulp in
large amounts of food. It is one of the most incredible sights that
I've ever seen! Giant fish just hanging suspended in the water column - very cool!
Isla Mujere...
well, apparently all of the scientists have made a grave error...
Whale Sharks do like to eat humans! Hahaha. Not photoshopped, other than to color correct and remove some backscatter; the shark and swimmer just lined up perfectly. wink
My wife swims next to a Whale Shark in Isla Mujeres. This particular one has a large gouge one it's back that appears to be from a propeller, but has healed nicely.
Safety Diver and Photographer enjoy the presence of a female Oceanic Whitetip Shark.
Oceanic Whitetip Closeup near Cat Island, Bahamas
Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye
This little girl's brother would not pay attention to her directions, so she pulled him into position repeatedly by his hair!! Was hilarious to watch.
Swim team. Working on streamline
Huge Parrotfish on the reefs of Cozumel
Yucab Reef
School of Jacks in Cozumel
Pair of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks near Cat Island Bahamas. One of them is curious about me and comes closer to inspect.
Hawksbill Turtle twisting and turning through coral pillars in an Underwater Dreamworld / Cozumel Palancar Caves / Canon 5D w/ 15mm fisheye
Oceanic Whitetip Shark with pilotfish over a mid ocean seamount. Sunrays dancing over her body.
Oceanic Whitetip Shark with Pilotfish
Cat Island, Bahamas
Hawksbill Sea Turtle
diving through a school of Creole Wrasse
in Cozumel, Mexico
Canon 5D
15mm fisheye
Ambient Light
Oceanic Whitetip Shark approaches the dive boat as the sun is setting
with reflection
Black Durgeon in Cozumel
Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye these fish are pretty hard to capture in Cozumel; the swift currents combined with their tendency to dive in a hole at any motion makes it quite a challenge!
Oceanic Whitetip near the boat, which is creating a lot of bubbles
Cat Island, Bahamas
Stingray relaxing
When most of the group has run low on air and they surface, is the time that a lot of the life tends to make itself known on dives...
Just Hanging Out
swim team girl taking a break
Face to Face with a beautiful Oceanic Whitetip Shark We were able to calmly and respectfully enjoy each other's presence Magical!
Hawksbill Turtle going for a breather
Large Grouper hanging by the dropoff waiting for lunch
249 Entries Found: Page 8  of  10