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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patricia Sinclair

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Crab surveying his domain
Goby pair at their home (nursery on the other side)
"Coy" - this little filefish was peeping out of his coral hideaway at me - trying to camouflage.
my own special dragon
Beautiful yellow nudi on house reef in Anilao
Anemonefish is her lightbulb anemone
'The Stretch" -- Sea Hare
"you rang?"
as close as I could get
Determination - this nudi was so determined to climb the hill (ok, it was a a small rise, but a hill to him!)
Very small fireworm was moving rapidly until it came to the edge. So, I call this "The End of the Line"
We found a school of jacks near where I was staying on my last trip. I enjoyed trying to figure out how to get an image of them that showed them naturally.
Tambja morosa
"I love my Tubeworm home!!!"
Yellow goby *his mate is behind him tending the eggs)
Soft Coral Crab on his coral
Since he was so pastel, as was his soft coral, I decided to shoot this with f/2.8
It is all about the eyes!
Taken in Anilao, Philippines
One of the hardest for me to get - this image of an isopod!
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
So hard to get this photo well lit and in focus! Bravo!
Taken in Anilao, at the dive site called Coconuts. A yellow goby pair was very obvious on thee abandoned tube, so while going around the tube, we located the eggs they were so carefully guarding, eggs are about a day or two away from hatching.
Golden Tail Eel
No crop
Rough head Blenny
Golden Hydroid Shrimp - taken with the Old 60mm macro lens - no diopter used.
little roughhead blenny
Pedersen Shrimp on an orange encrusting sponge on the house reef at Captain Don's Habitat. I thought the contrast in colors was beautiful
Slender filefish trying to hide (was usual.)
Roughhead Blenny in his home covered in fire coral
Gimme Some Sugar
Sometimes a animal approaches and you have to take the image, regardless of the setup you have on (in this case, macro.)
166 Entries Found: Page 2  of  7