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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

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"Echo At Sunrise" - Sunrise sparkles and water drops echo each other and balance the frame as a stingray swims below the surface. I created this phtograph by shooting with a fisheye lens and purposely submerging my dome port only a little bit.
"Faaaast!" - A Caribbean reef shark speeds across a coral reef.
"Blushing" - A triplefin blenny poses for its close up on a pink sponge.
28mm - Experimenting with a different lens for underwater photogaphs. I love how the edges blur, drawing the eye to both the center of the frame and the subject. This is one of my first forays with this lens, I like the potential!
"Sigourney's Alien" - A golden roughhead blenny's mighty, tiny teeth appear to project from its body like an Alien. This fish is actually quite sweet, but I used a SMC-1 to focus on just the teeth, making it look fierce.
"Searching For Mating Turtles At Sunset" - When the green turtles were mating this summer, I went to their beach at all different times of day to try for unique light. Split shot as my husband spots and looks out for me, at sunset.
"Peek-A-Blue" - A blue chromis peers out from behind a gorgonian on a reef at night.
"The Most Beautiful Reef #2" - Gorgeous, colourful corals and sponges grow off the pinnacle that is Ghost Mountain. One of the most beautiful dive sites on Grand Cayman!
"Abstract Lion"
A juvenile lionfish that was hiding against an overhang enabled me to experiment with one of my favorite techniques: shallow depth of field!
"Deep Breaths" - A green sea turtle breaths at the surface after mating. This was the male of a pair of mating turtles that were repeatedly fending off a rival male, leaving little opportunity to catch their breath.
"Melo Yello" - Portrait of a miniature melo as it crawls over seaweed. A second melo can just be seen in the background.
"Where's The Wreck?"- A diver hovers in sunbeams over empty sand where the Kittiwake shipwreck used to be. I took this photograph in October last year just after the ship was moved by Hurricane Nate. Photographed with a Magic Filter on the lens.
"Sunset Squid" - A squid checks out the camera as sunset light ripples on the surface just above.
"Christmas Fishes To You" - A sharpnose goby rests next to Christmas Tree worms. Meanwhile, blue tangs are cast in silhouette as they enter stage right.
Miniature Melo - I wanted to show this 1/2" miniature melo in its environment. I floated below it in order to include both the seaweed its sitting on, and the seawall (in soft focus) in the background. Photographing macro in surge wink
"Enchanted Shipwreck" - Double exposure from inside the Nicholson shipwreck looking out. I photographed this in camera with sequential exposures. I love how the image draws the eye through and into the back of the scene.
"Triplefin In Soft Pink" - What A Difference Strobe Use Makes! #1 of 2: Both photographs are shot with the exact same settings, but by just a change in strobe set up, the background is lit a soft pink.
"Triplefin In Contrast" - What A Difference Strobe Use Makes! #2 of 2: Both photographs are shot with the exact same settings, but by just a change in strobe set-up, the background is black and the image has more contrast.
"Apex" - A female Caribbean reef shark cruises the reef.
"Romeo or Juliet" - A black hamlet looks at the camera as the pair performs an intricate spawning dance at dusk. Photographed with a slow shutter speed to show some of their motion.
"Eagle Ray Ballet" - Two eagle rays glide just off the North Wall. They soared in to check me out, and then turned and continued on their way.
"Night Crawler" - A nudibranch (Dondice occidentalis) crawls on the outside of a barrel sponge at night.
"Vertical Defense" - A pair of mating green sea turtles try to fend off a rival male by ascending in the water column. The second male was persistent in his pursuit and had numerous bites on his fins and head as a result.
Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
Sexy Snooting #1 of 2 - I've been experimenting with using a snoot in ways other than a spotlight. Here a sexy shrimp dances on his coral stage.
Sexy Snooting #2 of 2 - I've been experimenting with using a snoot in ways other than a spotlight. Here, the transluscence of a spotted cleaner shrimp on coral is shown with my snoot.
"Sunset Sunset" - Surfaced to this stunning sunset at Sunset House! Hefting my macro kit with diopters half out of the water to get this shot was...interesting. I can almost feel my arms again. wink
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2018

Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
"Do You Like My Headdress?" - A tiny pipehorse portrait, photographed with SMC and a shallow depth of field to soften the background.
302 Entries Found: Page 1  of  12