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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

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Sometimes the most beautiful part of a dive is right under the boat!
Up close and personal with a great hammerhead
"My Orange, Orange Home"
A little blenny peers out from its home in an orange sponge. These cuties usually live in coral, so this was an unusual find.
A tarpon is nearly hidden by a swarm of silversides as it swims through a baitball in Grand Cayman.
Silversides are reflected in a diver's mask as he watches a huge swirl of the tiny fish.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2017

Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
"Silver Pool"
The silversides are back!
Sunlight streams through the ceiling of a grotto, illuminating swirling silversides.
"Starfish Waterdrops Watercolor"
It looks like a watercolor...but it is a photograph smile Fat raindrops started to plop onto the surface of the water while golden light slanted through the rain.
"A Fantastic Find!"
A dwarf frogfish on Grand Cayman. This little guy was smaller than a pinky nail, and camouflaged to the color of the sand. This is only the second frogfish I've ever seen in over 500 dives in Cayman.
"Liquid Mercury"
Stormy Day and Diver
"Shark In The Sky"
A Caribbean reef shark is silhouetted against sky and clouds as it cruises overhead.
"Playtime!" A spotted dolphin plays in the clear waters of Bimini. Swimming with wild dolphins is one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had!
A French grunt is framed as it peers out through a hole in a coral reef.
"Sleeping In"
A manatee is bathed in sunrise light rays as it snoozes on a riverbed. Bubbles float up as the manatee breathes out. Photographed in the tannin waters just outside the Crystal River.
A spotted cleaner shrimp spaces out on the tip of a purple anenome.
105mm with SMC
No Photoshop. One of the MOST incredible days ever on Grand Cayman. I exposed so the white sand slightly overexposed the image. I pressed down onto the sand looking up so the pink of the conch reflected on the surface with the bright blue sky.
"That Face Though!"
Secretary blenny with shallow depth of field.
"Charging In"
I used a slow shutter to highlight the motion and speed of this Great Hammerhead (aka my new favorite shark!)
An arrow crab strikes a Shakespearean pose.
"Dolphin Bliss!"
One of the greatest experiences of my life! I've wanted to swim with wild dolphins for so long, this was a dream come true!
"Beauty Under The Boat"
A great hammerhead glides along the sand 30 feet below the surface.
"Squid In The Sky #1"
Two squid at the surface with the sky and clouds above them.
I spent 1 1/2 hrs with them until they warmed up to me enough so I could photograph beneath them with the sky and clouds above.
Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
"Sunrise Water With Stingray"
A stingray swims below waves at sunrise. The pinks and oranges of sunrise lit-water sheet off my dome port while a stingray swims beneath the waves.
"In Flight"
A Spanish hogfish races across a reef, the detail of its scales appearing like feathers, while its pectoral fins give the appearance of flight...
Early Morning Manatee Profile
Crystal River, Florida
A flamingo tongue cowrie framed by the branches of a gorgonian. I pushed myself to create a unique photograph: lined up the cowrie thru the branches, positioned my strobes for backlight & used high shutter speed to black the background.
I've been developing a lighting technique, and I thought the mermaid statue at Sunset House would be a perfect subject to employ it. I'm pleased with the result 😀 No Photoshop.
A juvenile trumpetfish is backlit as it hides in a gorgonian. I carefully placed my strobes to achieve this effect.
302 Entries Found: Page 5  of  12