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Adeline WeeI'm Adeline living in Grand Cayman. I love shooting underwater and am always learning and updating my skills. My main love is for macro although I do shoot wide angle occasionally.Cayman islandsCayman islands
Carsten KalkmanThey call me Seamonkey, Been teaching Scuba diving fo about two decades, just now starting to take a camera with me to try to share some of those magical underwater moments with non divers. Simple "point and shoot" set-up. Sometime I use a hand-held flashlight for lighting.United StatesUnited States
Armin RuganiI am Armin from Austria, living in Graz. I love diving and am a passionate photographer.AustriaAustria
Kyle CastelynI am Kyle I have always love photography and has been working a a PADI instructor for a year now and invested in a underwater set up beginning 2015 and just love the U/W world aSouth AfricaSouth Africa
Jason SpitzJason has been shooting photos since he could walk and developing photos since age 13. Open water certified in 1992 and currently a PADI Divemaster, Jason has combined his lifelong love for photography and water sports for more than 25 years. In 2006, Jason moved into DSLR underwater photography purchasing a Nikon D100 with a Nexus housing. Currently, he is shooting a Nikon D7100 in a Nauticam housing. Jason resides in Lighthouse Point, FL with his very own mermaid – Monica Schandel. Jason is a Photo Pro for Force-E Scuba Centers and is Managing Partner for Breathe Sail Dive, LLC with Monica. You can find more of Jason’s work at and My Website
United StatesUnited States
Petra Van BormA passionate travelling Scuba instructor/photographer currently living at Lanzarote.SpainSpain
Sergey IlinI started with U/W photography a couple of years with SONY-NEX5.RussiaRussia
Brian BurnettIm Brian from Toronto Canada. I'm a Newbie & have been shooting underwater for about a year. Luv to shoot just about anything, but especially big stuff, sharks & whales are my favourites. I shoot with an Olympus OMD1, Nauticam Housing & Inon StrobesCanadaCanada
Elmar LaubenderIm Elmar Laubender, I love macro shots to make the unseen visible. Thanks to super macro shot you can see shapes and colors that have been never seen before. But also the wide angle lens is to use when it comes to breathtaking reported encounters with sharks and manta rays and other big marine life.My Website
Jonny HaugstadHi, Im jonny from Norway. I live in Philippines and started underwater photography not so long time ago. Its been my hobby over water for a while tho.PhilippinesPhilippines
pat keenanwww.patkeenanphotojo.comAustraliaAustralia
Brent BarnesI am from Oklahoma, diving and underwater photography is a passion.United StatesUnited States
Adam HewIm Adam Hew from Malaysia, a scuba diving instructor. With every available opportunity my camera rig will find itself underwater with me.MalaysiaMalaysia
Daniel Dietrichdiving since 1995. Made my CMAS Course in Turkey close to Marmaris and just loved it from the first moment. Lucky me, in the last years i travelled to some of the best destinations in Malaysia and Indonesia. I´m using the CanonG12 and since last year i added an external flash(INON-D2000) and a Fisheye.GermanyGermany
JESSICA WHITNEYUnderwater photography is a new hobby of mine. Since I live in Kansas, I try to take every opportunity I can to go on dive trips and capture the many wonders that I have seen to share with my family and friends. I have become very passionate about underwater photography and diving over the last 2 years. When I am under water I feel like I am in another world and I have never been happier. When I return I can't wait to share it with my family and friends that have never been able to see it for themselves. What better way than to try and capture these moments for them on camera. I am hopeful that one day that I will develop the skills to capture a photo worthy of being published.United StatesUnited States
Jerzy KowalczukI'm Jerzy and I started my u/w adventure some years ago in South Africa. Now living in Canada I have discover a new passion to photograph u/w ice formations and ship wrecks in Ontario CanadaCanadaCanada
JOAO BATISTA CABRAL JUNIORI'm Joao from Brazil, I started out with U/W photography 3 years ago. I dive with a Sony camera in an Ikelite housing. Usually I have been visiting Curaçao and Aruba.BrazilBrazil
Stelios ChristodoulouI am Stelios from Cyprus. I started out with underwater photography 3 years ago and have been underwater since 2012. I dive with nicon camera in a ikelite housing and i love to shoot wrecks! Underwater photography is my passion!CyprusCyprus
Jacob MortensenMy name is Jacob Mortensen I have been taken underwater photos with SLR camera since 2014. My heart belongs to the reefs of Indonesia. I work at Wakatobi Dive Resort where I guide many photographers and take photos on my days off. My Website
James EmeryI am James Emery from the United Kingdom. Loved film and photography from a young age and went on to study film at University. After working as a runner for a couple of years, I decided I needed more adventure in my life. Found a Job in Thailand to become a underwater videographer. Worked for 5 years and did all my diving qualifications including instructor and tech. Went onto setting up my own company where I would train Underwater Videographers/photographers. Now based in the Philippines.My Website
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
1754 Entries Found: Page 12  of  88