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Stephan DebellePhotographer in Bora Bora, enjoy diving here as well.My Website
French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia
Les BaptisteHi, I've only been diving for 6 years and have taken to photography because it slows my dive and makes me see more, and find things I a my have missed before. LesUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Sean ChinnHi, I'm Sean from the UK. I started underwater photography and photography in general in September 2013 after an amazing trip diving in Gili Islands and Bali. I realised I wanted to capture wow photos to inspire others to diveUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Jan MortonI started off diving in 2011 and since then have improved and started taking pictures and video under water. For me, it's all about the fun and bringing cool images to the people who don't get to see sub aqua.My Website
ANDREA FALCOMATA'I use a Nikon Reflex & Canon Compact Camera: - NIKON D200, with SEACAM Housing and lenses Nikon: 10.5/2.8 mm, 60/2.8 mm micro, 105/2.8 mm micro. - Canon Powershot S110 with NAUTICAM Housing, with additional lenses: INON UWL 100 type II M67, INON UCL 165 +6 Diopt. M67, FIX Fisheye UWL 28 M52, Magnificer SUBSEE +10 Diopt. - Strobe Sea&Sea YS 110 Alfa X 02, - Strobe Sea&Sea YS100, - Strobe Sea&Sea YS90 TTL DUO, - Strobe Nikon SB800 & SB80DX with Sealux Housing (N5). I was born in 1974, start to dive since 2006, first scuba photo with Nikon Coolpix 3100 during 2006.My Website
Joerg BlessingHi, i work as dive guide and shoot mainly in tropical waters. Love wide angle and macro as well as surf photography.Keen to learn and improve. Shooting with Panasonic GH4 and 2xInon Z240 Cheers!My Website
Tracey JenningsI learnt to dive almost 15 years ago however a chance encounter with my now friend Michael AW 2 years ago at the airport in Johannesburg turned into an underwater photography obsession. I currently use a Nikon D3S with a variety of lenses and a Seacam underwater housing.My Website
Lindsey MobleyMy name is Lindsey and I am in no way a professional photographer. I love to shoot photos and see what I come up with. Been living in Grand Cayman for 12 years now and am shooting with an Olympus TG-5, no external strobe.Cayman islandsCayman islands
Adam GroseMy name is Adam Grose. I have been diving since 2012, and taking pictures underwater since 2013. I work with, and take pictures for, the Arizona Disabled Scuba Divers Foundation.United StatesUnited States
Alexandra CaineOriginally from London, now living in Dahab, Egypt. I'm a PADI IDCS who takes photos in my spare time. Currently trying to learn freediving and not starveEgyptEgypt
Susannah H. Snowden-SmithHi, I'm Susannah H. Snowden-Smith. I'm an underwater photographer who specializes in underwater fine art & underwater archaeology photography. I've been shooting underwater for over eight years and my work has taken me around the world. Recently I was underwater in Sri Lanka photographing the excavation of the oldest-known shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, circa 2nd-Century BC, with the Institute Of Nautical Archaeology. My home base between assignments is Grand Cayman.My Website
Cayman islandsCayman islands
Henley SpiersI'm Henley, an underwater photographer and writer with a massive passion for macro and black backgrounds!My Website
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Tanya HouppermansI left the corporate world a couple years ago to concentrate full time on underwater photography and conservation. That was one of the best decision I ever made. My favorite subject is sharks, but I really enjoy photographing most anything underwater from tiny shrimp to massive shipwrecks. I hope to capture images that inspire people to care about the ocean and the creatures that live in it. I shoot with an Olympus OM-D E-M1, Nauticam housing, and Sea&Sea YS-D2 strobes.My Website
United StatesUnited States
polly alfordI am the Founder of Marine conservation organisation ReefCI and a passionate amateur underwater photographerMy Website
Robin BatemanHi, I'm an avid diver and took up underwater photography about 4 years ago. I want to show the world the rare beauty of the ocean world as I see it in my travels. I shoot Olympus - currently OMD-EM1 in Nauticam housing. Enjoy my view!United StatesUnited States
Volker LonzVolker’s motto is: "Diving is my life, the rest is waiting". With his camera as his third eye, he tries to crop a small part of the big, wonderful underwater world. He wants to exhibit the creativity of the grandest artist, our mother nature. Volker started in 2000, diving in Mauritius and ever since then he has become a compressed air junkie. After his initial introduction to scuba diving he travelled the world performing his new found passion. He first began with photography in 2003-2004 with a small sony cybershot - a camera he says allowed him to decide on whether or not he would be interested in continuing with photography. He quickly realized that underwater photography was something he loved, but became limited by his equipment, which is when he decided to invest in a Fuji S2 Pro, than a Nikon D300 and since 2016 in a Nikon D810 with seacam protective housing cover and a couple of underwater Inon Z220 and Inon Z240 strobes. He also invested in a variety of lenses.My Website
Juliet DunneBritish photographer born in 1984 and raised in Dubai UAE, inspired from an early age by my father who was a commercial diver. I have been fascinated by all things underwater and love the spectrum of challenges that underwater photography provides.My Website
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
Joe DonneBula my name is Joe. I live and work in the underwater world in Fiji. I love to take shots of everything from mantas to nudis......check it out!!!FijiFiji
Florian FeldgrillMy name is Florian Feldgrill, i diving since 1988 from Austria, Croatia to Galapagos about Cuba to Southafrica.The Red Sea from Egypt to Sudan, Fullcave in Austria and Spain Moraig. But my Passion is Freshwater, also Cuyabeno in Ecuador and the last Trip to Bonito Pantanal.My Website
Phil WillsI have been taking photos for around fourteen years but have only recently taken up underwater photography. My main focus of photography is sharks. The most beautiful creatures on the planet in my opinion. I have been fascinated by them ever since seeing Jaws as a child. A movie which initially gave me a fear of deep water and all creatures that live in it. I eventually managed to overcome this fear to take up scuba diving. So far I have been on one underwater photography trip to South Africa. I plan to continue my shark photography trips in the future and would one day like to make it my profession.United KingdomUnited Kingdom
1754 Entries Found: Page 14  of  88